Condom Depot Sampler Review: Trojan Sampler

Oh, samplers. You’re just the perfect thing for the new condom consumer. And the Trojan Sampler showcases the best of the best in the world of Trojan.


Condom Depot is a FDA-approved repackaging plant. That means that we are allowed to break down much larger cases of condoms and assemble our own packs in ways that suit our customers best. You might be familiar with our retail vs. bulk packs (pro-tip: always go bulk!). But it pertains to our exclusive samplers too. We heat-seal these suckers so you know that they’re as safe and untampered with as any condoms that you buy from the pharmacy.

While Trojan brand does have their own condom packs that provide a sampling of their wares, we thought we’d make one of our own to showcase our favorite from the Trojan line. In spite of Trojan’s condoms never making it to our World’s Best Condom sampler (sorry Trojan), this sampler has the best Trojans.

Here’s what the product description on says comes in this sampler:

I was delighted to find that all of these condoms were included, but I also got a bonus regular BareSkin. Could be a clerical error, could just be that it was my lucky day. Who knows?

Don’t be confused by all of the Trojan lingo above! I’ve reviewed a lot of Trojan condoms in my day. They get very confusing. All of them are posted on the Condom Depot Learning Center, but I’ve done you a favor by linking the reviews on the list above. You’re welcome.

The only one on here that I don’t have any experience with was the Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra. Which, I gotta admit, I was pretty impressed with. I’m a big fan of non-latex condoms, judging by my affection for the FC2, the Trojan NaturaLamb, and LifeStyles’ SKYN line (including the SKYN Large).

Polyurethane condoms look weird at first– the super plastic-y feel of the ring makes them feel almost fake. But I promise, if this condom is a good fit for you or your partner (it’s not very stretchy), you’ll love the super thinness of the material. It feels both softer and thinner than latex, and it smells and tastes way better. In fact, it smells and tastes like nothing at all.

Just remember not to add any lube to the Trojan BareSkin Non-Latex Supra. Like your beautiful face, it’s perfect the way it is. The material is very sensitive and adding lube of any kind to it could put it at the risk of breakage.


The only thing I didn’t like? This condom sampler includes two Fire and Ice condoms– one regular, and one Magnum with a tapered fit. We normally include a warning about Fire and Ice condoms on each product page because they contain spermicide, which can cause painful micro tears and potentially can spread STDs easier. But there’s no warning on this page, so I thought I’d place it here:

The Magnum Fire and Ice and the regular Ice and Fire condom both come coated in spermicide, also known as nonoxynol-9

For me, those two condoms went straight into the trash. You may like them. But for me, they weren’t worth taking the risk, and they look a lot like Trojan’s other wares. I didn’t want my partner to confuse them in our sexy mood lighting.

Apart from those two condoms, all these condoms come with Trojan’s normal, ultra-smooth water-based lubricant. While Trojan is known for having a particularly stinky latex scent and taste, their lube is both scentless and tasteless, which is always a good thing.

It’s worth noting too, that my package came with directions from Durex, not Trojan. I admit, it was alarming to receive my Trojan Sampler with a giant DUREX emblazoned across the front. But all the condoms are 100% Trojan manufactured, just like you’d expect. Our sampler packers just take condom directions from one of the wide variety of manufacturers we carry. But these directions pertain to any condom and will suit you just fine.

It also came with a 12% off coupon. I may be a condom reviewer who gets most of her condoms for free, but that doesn’t mean I’m not thrifty. In fact, I used my coupon to buy some lube and toys. Yay!


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

This is a great sampling of Trojan’s wares. It shows some of my personal favorites, and gave me the opportunity to try some that I hadn’t get given a chance. If only the Trojan Sampler came without spermicidal condoms, it would have hit the five-star mark.


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