Condom Depot Sampler Review: LifeStyles Sampler

Are you looking for the perfect condom? Give our home-brewed LifeStyles Sampler a shot.


Like the Trojan Sampler which I reviewed last week, this sampler comes with a whole smorgasbord of LifeStyles’ finest products. The thirty pack features two of each of the following condoms:

Once again, Condom Depot is a FDA-certified repackaging facility, which means that we are able to break down much larger pallets of condoms and pre-package them into these handy-dandy samplers for your enjoyment. There are textured condoms in here, colorful condoms, flavored condoms, condoms of all different sizes, and condoms of all different thicknesses. Basically, it gives you a little bit of everything so you can decide on the perfect fit for you or your partner.

Now, as always with Condom Depot samplers, sometimes we have to substitute a product in order to get your sampler out the door in a timely fashion. And that was the case with my LifeStyles Sampler. It featured two substitutions.

There were no KYNG Blues in my sampler. Instead, I got KYNG Golds, which are actually the same exact condom. We spoke with our rep over at Ansell about this one after we reviewed the LifeStyles Styles Large Pack– the blue wrappers are out but the gold ones are here to stay. Also, there were no LifeStyles THYNs, but I did get four LifeStyles Flavored– two in vanilla, two in banana.

If there’s a particular condom you’re just dying to try out of this line up, I’d strongly recommend getting it in a three pack along with the rest of the sampler, just in case it gets substituted out. Otherwise, you will still get the giant variety. It just may not be exactly as listed above.

And true to form when it comes to Condom Depot samplers, even the substitutions didn’t ruin this for me. There was still enough variety, still enough chance to experience the entire spectrum of the LifeStyles rainbow. Extra-strength and extra thin, flavored lubricant and non lubricant, ribbed and not, snugger fit and extra large, this sampler has everything. Even if you don’t find your perfect condom, you’ll get a good idea of what direction to move in.

In addition to these top of the line condoms, the LifeStyles Sampler also comes with a coupon code for 12% off your next purchase. So, if you find that one LifeStyles condom that you just love beyond reason, and you want to buy a hundred of them, you’ll get money off your choice. Awesome!

All of the condom names above are linked to reviews the Condom Depot Learning Center has on each and every individual condoms. Instead of giving you my one sentence run-down for each, I figured that would be a little more helpful. Still, even with all of my experience in the wide world of condoms, I still had a couple pleasant surprises:

  • the banana LifeStyles Flavored condom was a lot more delicious than I remember it when I reviewed it;
  • the midnight black of the LifeStyles Tuxedo is pretty impressive in person;
  • I would say that LifeStyles XL rivals the Trustex XL in terms of awesomeness and thinness;
  • all LifeStyles condoms (except the LifeStyles Non-Lubricated, of course) come doused in that tantalizing silicone-based lube.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Honestly, the LifeStyles Sampler is pretty perfect. It contains all of my favorite LifeStyles condoms, and even the substitutions weren’t a disappointment. If you don’t know where to start in the world of condoms, this sampler will provide all the options that you need.

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