How-To: Sex up Spring Break on a Budget

You’ve spent a lot of money on plane tickets and hotels, cruises, adventures, and, most importantly, booze. So where does safe sex factor into your Spring Break budget?


If you plan on getting laid during a Spring Break vacation (or even if you’re just optimistic about your prospects), safety is still a priority. But on a shoestring budget, it can sometimes be easy to nix on the safety in favor of the pleasure. So, we here at the Condom Depot Learning Center have compiled some tips to make sure you and your partner are being safe, even if you’re on the cheap.

Buy in Bulk


You don’t need a business license to buy bulk condoms from Condom Depot. As an FDA-approved repackager, we sell bulk packs of condoms in packs of 12 to 1,008.

Go in on a pack of a thousand with your cruise buddies, or hand them out to your new friends on the beach if you don’t think you’ll use them all. The only thing better than knowing that you’re having safe sex is making sure everyone else around you is. Better yet, our Clearance Condoms expire later on this year, making them perfect for a soon-to-happen vacation. Get them for super cheap and use them before they expire.

Just make sure that you know what size and style you want beforehand– nothing like getting stuck with 999 condoms that don’t measure up!

Condom Depot Samplers


Like our bulk condoms, our samplers are heal sealed and repackaged to provide a wide array of options. If you’re intent on having multiple partners, or if you may need to split some with your friends, never fear! Our 2015 World’s Best Condoms Tin has a bunch of different condoms and is sure to have a good option for each and every penis.

Here are some reviews of our favorite samplers:

Scope out Free Condoms


Depending on where you go, some places and events will offer free condoms to their patrons? Why? Well, no one likes to be remembered as, “That place where Cody got chlamydia.” Plus, it’s a great way to advertise. We know because we do custom logo condoms for a lot of them. If you get a condom from a concert, hotel, beach party, or bar during your spring break adventures, chances are it was made right here at Condom Depot headquarters.

Local health clinics, colleges, and other safer sex havens also often offer free condoms. Remember, too, that condoms can be transformed into dental dams to keep you safe during cunnilingus!

Get Tested Ahead of Time


Getting STD tests can be expensive. Many health clinics offer one free test a year. Checking in to get one done is a good way to reassure your vacay hook-ups that you are clean. Although the minute you have unprotected sex (and sometimes even protected sex) with someone else, you’re potentially unclean all over again. So don’t forget to get tested once you get home again!

Pack Breakfast

Daily Antiretroviral Pill Found To Protect Healthy From AIDS Transmission

Keeping some emergency contraception on hand is always a great idea. Especially when you are going out of town (and especially when you are going out of the country), the morning after pill may be hard to come by. Bringing some from your home pharmacy is an excellent way to make sure you and your partner are safe from unwanted pregnancy.

Truvada is often called the Plan B for HIV. If you’re hooking up with strangers and a condom breaks, HIV could be a big, big worry. Ask you doctor to get a prescription for Truvada.

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