Sexy St. Paddy’s Day Wares That’ll Get You Lucky

Looking for a pot of gleaming, gold-wrapped Magnums at the end of the rainbow? Well, you’re in luck! 

When that hottie holding a four-leaf clover make you want to bend over this St. Patrick’s Day, will you be ready? Better stock up on barriers! This St. Paddy’s Day safer sex buying guide will help you have fun, get lucky and stay safer this holiday. After all, you can’t spell clover without lover.

st patricks day condom buying guide

Condoms with Gold Wrappers:

Increase your chances of getting lucky by showing off your safety! Having a party? Fill up your decorative sauce pot, crock pot or a witches cauldron leftover from last Halloween with condoms wrapped in gold, like these:

Custom Logo Condoms:

custom logo st patty day condoms

Condom Depot also offers St. Patty’s Day custom logo condoms, available in six different styles or in an assortment of all six:

– “Dancing leprechaun.”
– “Pinch proof.”
– “Dublin my luck.”
– “You look like I need a beer.”
– “I want to be inside you.” (with an image of beer mug)
– “Let me show you my Lucky Charms.”

Green Colored Condoms:

Kimono Textured Type-E


kimono green condom

If you really want to go for the gold and get lucky, this condom is both green in color and comes in a gold wrapper! What? Yup. That’s right. The Kimono Textured Type-E a.k.a. Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensidots not only fits the visual bill for the season, it also feels super thin and comfortable.

Night Light Condom

night light glow in the dark condoms

Want to make her glow without getting her pregnant? These green, glow-in-the-dark Night Light condoms illuminate the holiday and really make the experience that much more memorable (even after a whole lot of green beer chugging).

Beyond Seven Aloe

beyond seven aloe condom

Green-tinted super thin sheerlon latex with an aloe-based lubricant coating makes the Beyond Seven Aloe condom a shoo-in for St. Patrick’s Day sex. Not lubey enough for you? Add some Trustex Aloe singles to the mix!

Trustex Mint Flavored

trustex condoms mint flavoredTrustex Mint Flavored latex condoms come in both lubricated and non-lubricated versions. Less lengthy guys will enjoy the lack of material left over at the base of this condom, as it is the shortest condom we carry.

And, talk about mutually beneficial multitasking. These green and winter fresh condoms are the perfect way to perform safer fellatio and eliminate beer breath at the same time! Ahh… now that’s mighty minty.

St. Paddy’s Day Sex Toys:

Reflections Love

reflections love vibrator

Talk about bringing home the gold medal– this golden glass Reflections Love vibrator from Doc Johnson brings a touch of class to the bedroom after the drunken brew-ha-ha-ing and dive bar hopping you just finished.

Green Double Fantasy

green double fantasy toys

The Green Double Fantasy toys are a duo so pleasurable, they’ll make all your friends green with envy when they hear about your kinked-up-a-notch holiday nookie with these specially designed set of insertable wands. They glow-in-the-dark and are suitable for vaginal or anal insertion— making them the perfect companion to those Night Light condoms!

Cunning Cactus

cunning cactus toy

Available in true-to-chloroform green, this ultra-powerful, triple area vibrator called the Cunning Cactus may not be indigenous to Ireland, or shaped by a four-leaf clover, but it sure does make you feel like you’re getting very, very lucky.

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