Condom Depot Sampler Review: Textured Condom Sampler

Are you down to get the friction on? Much to the thruster’s delight, textured condoms can drastically increase the pleasure on the receiving end, as I quickly discovered while taking the Textured Condom Sampler for a whirl over the weekend.

With raised patterns in the form of studs and striated ribs, these not-so-ordinary condoms are a bumpy ride-lover’s best bet in the hunt for finding that perfectly ridged or dotted condom. Bear in mind, these are all made from latex, so those with a latex allergy should avoid this sampler and try non-latex textured condoms like the new LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feels instead.


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And, where there’s rubbing, there’s chafing. Thus, be sure to really lube up right when using any textured condom to prevent microtears in the condom, or inside of your partner. I kicked it old school with one of my favorite condom-safe, silicone-based lubes, the awesome ID Millennium, which is aptly named because it practically lasts for a millennia without drying up or getting sticky.

Condom Depot’s Textured Condom Sampler comes in two quantities, either 24 or 12. The 24 pack includes four of each condom and is currently priced at $17.99 and the 12 pack includes two of each condom and can be purchased today for $12.99. This exclusive condom sampler pack consists of bulk condoms in a heat-sealed bag along with a few extras:

For more information and specs on each of these bumpy condoms just click the name of the condom for a detailed account of it in action from one of our Safer Sexperts.


The compact Textured Condom Sampler is more than a handful of fun.

Four out of six of the condom varieties in this textured sampler were featured in our textured condom buying guide called, “Best Textured Condoms for Every Body & Every Budget.” Therefore, it was no big shocker to discover that these same four condoms were my favorite out of the bunch in this case as well: the multi-textured Trustex Ribbed & Studded, Beyond Seven Studded, Contempo Rough Rider, and the LifeStyles KYNG Ribbed.

I should note that the KYNG Ribbed I received in my Condom Depot Sampler was from our Clearance Condoms inventory, meaning it had a very short expiration date of 05/2015. Check the back of these prior to using and I’d recommend trying them first so as not to risk breakage from using an expired condom. I made management aware of this issue and they are looking into this potential problem.


Of course, it should be mentioned that not everyone with a vagina loves the sensations provided by nubby and ridged latex, as you can read about in, “The Problem With Ribbed For Her Pleasure.” Some people with innie’s can’t feel a big difference between smooth and textured condoms, some find them to be a bit painful and others think the thickness of the latex takes away from the sensitivity for both partners.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

Condom Depot’s Textured Condom Sampler was a fun foray into the textured condom world and is a terrific option for those trying to narrow down the best feeling textured condoms without buying a whole bunch of retail boxes. Nonetheless, the inclusion of a nearly expired set of condoms and the exclusion of the best textured condom in all the land, LifeStyles Fun Bumps, made this sampler rank lower than I’d initially hoped.

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