America’s Most Sensitive Condoms

Although most name brand condoms aren’t made in the United States like some lubes and toys are, choosy Americans are gobbling up the most sensitive condoms from all over the world like well-seasoned condom connoisseurs. In particular, a lot of amazingly innovative condom technologies are emerging from Asia and Australia, resulting in more buying options for thinner condoms in the States. But you won’t find them all over here, as condoms not passed through the FDA are illegal to buy, sell or import into this country.

SENSITIVEFEATURED1Why Choose Sensitive Condoms?

What is the purpose of using a sensitive condom? To simulate the close skin-to-skin connection with your partner’s parts that you crave, while staying protected from unpleasant consequences. In short, they feel more like real deal, bareback or rawdog sex without a condom— while keeping everyone safer.

Factors Determining Condom Sensitivity:

Which specific characteristics make a condom extra sensitive?

Condom Makers Race to Erase Thick Latex

Precisely measuring and reporting an accurate scientific calibration of sensitivity is a sensitive topic for competing condom brands. Why? Aside from those who prefer a thicker condom for climax control reasons, or they think extra strength condoms are safer (hint: they’re not), everyone wants a thinner and more sensitive condom.

Many will enter, but only a few lucky latex slingers will win the race to a nano-thin, yet durable condom which protects against STI transmission and unwanted pregnancies. It’s the safer sex equivalent of the highly competitive international space race in the 1960s.

I learned long ago not to explicitly trust the manufacturer’s condom length and width specifications, and their listed latex thickness measurements are no less biased or inaccurate, I can assure you. Therefore, condom manufacturer’s specs are not included in the list below. Instead, these condoms have been selected based on unbiased condom reviews, which are linked below each product image, and customer ratings.

America’s Most Sensitive Condoms:


So, in a market which is heavily slanted towards providing the largest amount of sensitivity, which especially sensitive condoms made The Condom Depot Learning Center’s cut? Here they are, America’s most sensitive condoms:

Crown Skinless Skin


“Condom Review: Crown Skinless Skin”

Kimono MicroThin

kimonomicrothin“Condom Review: Kimono MicroThin”

Caution Wear Grande


“Condom Review: Caution Wear Grande”

LifeStyles SKYN UltraLube


“Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles SKYN Selection”

Beyond Seven Sheerlon

“Condom Review: Beyond Seven Sheerlon”

Trojan NaturaLamb


“Condom Review: Trojan NaturaLamb”

LifeStyles THYN UltraGlide


“Condom Review: LifeStyles THYN UltraGlide”

Durex Extra Sensitive


“Condom Review: Durex Extra Sensitive”

Okamoto 0.04


“Condom Review: Okamoto 0.04”

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive


“Condom Review: LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive”

Caution Wear Black Ice


“Condom Review: Caution Wear Black Ice”

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