Lube Review: Pjur Man EnergyGlide

Pjur Man EnergyGlide is one of those products that you really, really want to like. “Ah, finally!” you think you yourself. “A water-based lube that’s really going to make a difference!”


I mean, it has ginkgo in it. And everyone needs more ginkgo in their life, right? Why not put it into a 100 mL/3.4 fl. oz bottle of lube?

But sadly, I was not impressed at all by what this bottle had to offer. And that’s really sad, because I’m a giant fan of Pjur’s other stuff. I thought this would be great, but it’s all around pretty lackluster.

One of the descriptions of this product I came across online calls the ginkgo, “a Viagra-like source of energy.” I think that may be stretching it a little bit. This lube is not an insta-cure for people who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. It may give you a little extra tinglies and it may even improve the feeling you get (especially if you’re using it on the inside of a condom, not unlike the LifeStyles Turbo), but don’t expect an instant bone.

This lube has a super sweet taste, thanks to the glycerin no doubt. In fact, if you can get past the ingredients, it actually makes a pretty good oral lube, unintentionally. I found it to be a little weak on the hand-job side of things though. It absorbed quickly and while the residue it left behind wasn’t exactly tacky, it wasn’t very smooth either. But you know I’m a silicone girl living in a water-based world.

But just because there is ginkgo in this lube doesn’t make it all-natural. This lubricant has all kinds of crazy stuff in it that you may not want to expose to your body. There’s a whole assortment of parabens, benzyl alcohol (which is a no-no for people with sensitive skin), and even glycerin, which is of course particularly bad if you are prone to yeast infections.


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It has a bingo-dobber style of applicator, which I am growing pretty fond of to be honest. I really like Pjur’s bottle designs because they’re so easy to use, although make sure you remember to put the lid back on this one once you’re done applying it. I forgot and set it down on the bed, and it spooged everywhere! My bad.


Image via LoveHoney. We currently do not carry this product.

I tried looking up some information on this lube on Pjur’s website, but I couldn’t find anything. It’s no longer in their catalogue, and all of our current stock will be hitting its expiration date next year. I don’t know if they have stopped making it (judging by other reviews, it has never gotten a lot of love) in favor of their Med EnergyGlide, which is an entirely different product but has an alarmingly similar name but an entirely different formula.

Either way, we’ll be carrying the rest of our stock until it expires in 2016 or until Pjur stops sending it to us. So if you want to try it out, buy soon.


Overall Rating: 2 Stars

Final Verdict:

Yeah, sorry Pjur. You know I love you. I mean, we’ve had great times together (looking at you, Pjur’s Man Basic and BodyGlide Light). But this just isn’t doing it for me, nor my partner. It may have ginkgo in it, but the other ingredients make me uncomfortable. It may taste great, but it dries too quickly. If you are discontinuing production of the Pjur Man EnergyGlide, we know why, and we know that we can only expect you’re making room for even better products.

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