Pjur Personal Lubricants: Brand History & Products

For over twenty years, one German-made brand of personal lubricants has topped lube-lover’s charts worldwide with their extremely high quality silicone-based and water-based lubes. This highest echelon of lubes is known simply as Pjur (pronounced as pure).


A Complete Brand Overview by The Condom Depot Learning Center

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Often imitated but never replicated, Pjur is copied so often, the brand had to distinguish themselves from generic knock-off lubes by assuring their customer’s with a visual indicator. Pjur products with the signature yellow dot emblazoned on the package are indeed authentic Pjur lubricants, meaning they have met or exceeded their high quality assurance standards.

Why are they so prone to impersonation? Pjur isn’t just a lubricant manufacturer, they’re a lubricant innovator. Pjur puts in a lot of research, time and effort into making various product lines and lube formulas each of which are intended for very specific uses and perfected to perform at optimal levels during these particular types of activities.


Pjur markets themselves very effectively through social media and the brand takes extra special care to make sure all sexual orientations feel welcome when shopping for and using their products. This gives the brand an edge in the LGBT market and targets those who other lube brands may have left out of their target demographic.


Not only do they concoct superior anal lubricants and stimulation sprays, they also make the leading lubricant for massage therapy and phenomenal toy cleaners to boot. And, speaking of boots, they also produce the premier fetish and latex clothing care system as well as and gender-oriented lubes for genitals and anuses alike.

Pjur’s Product List:

Pjur Man EnergyGlidePjur Original BodyGlidePjur Man Basic
Pjur Woman AquaPjur Light BodyGlidePjur Woman BodyGlide
pjureroswaqua PjurLightBodglideFeaturedCondomDepot-Review-FI-pjurwomen
Pjur Analyse Me Comfort SprayPjur Analyse Me Anal GlidePjur Aqua
Pjur MyGlidePjur MySprayPjur BackDoor Anal Glide
Pjur Woman Single UsePjur Original Single UsePjur Med Clean Toy Cleaner
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