Condom Depot Sampler Review: Beyond Seven Sampler

Did the Beyond Seven Condom Sampler go above and beyond my safer sexpectations? Let’s find out!

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Made by Okamoto, Beyond Seven condoms are crafted from a condom material which is a personal favorite of mine– Sheerlon latex. It’s oh-so-sensitive, provides a raw tonage of temperature transfer between partners and yet somehow they’re also extraordinarily durable.

Unlike some other thinner condoms (like the Trojan UltraThin), thankfully I had no trouble with microtears, rips or breakage. And since all of these condoms have a reservoir tip, I felt extra safe from potential spillage.

Condom Depot’s exclusive Beyond Seven Condom Sampler is like a sushi boat of condom-y goodness. You get to try a little bit of all the best fish in the sea. It comes in a twelve (three of each) or forty-eight count (twelve of each) bulk pack in a heat-sealed bag.


The 12-count Beyond Seven Condom Sampler as it arrived to me.


Contents of the Beyond Seven Sampler:

For me, picking a favorite out of the catch was easy: the Beyond Seven Studded. As an avid textured condom fan, I can say this thin, colored condom freaking rocks my world. Even as a sex toy barrier, it is phenomenally thin for a studded condom and it’s silicone-based lube coating is borderline divine.

Not that the smooth, original Beyond Seven condom isn’t great. Because it is. They offer an exceptionally natural, silky sensation and I would certainly use them again. And again. And again. You get the idea.


But, for the ultimate smoothness I did prefer the five-star rated customer favorite, the Crown Skinless Skin. Although it’s a bit dry compared to the Beyond Seven’s, after adding Pjur Original BodyGlide, I was sliding along like a puck on ice.

I’d never tried a Beyond Seven Aloe condom before, so I was super stoked to see how it strokes. The lube had a thicker consistency than what I am used to on a condom, but it smelled and tasted great. I’d recommend it for fellatio, and Sam has previously put this condom on her list of, “Five Best Condoms for Anal Sex.” Talk about versatile!

Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Condom Depot’s Beyond Seven Condom Sampler ain’t no BS. At under ten bucks for the twelve pack, this sampler is a steal of a deal for those who want to knock ‘em out like Holyfield with some real feel sex appeal.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

4 Stars “The quality and feel of BS products are great, but beware if you’re a little bigger. A couple varieties in this pack will not fit girth-wise. Try a 12-pack on for size before you commit to 48, and if you’re on the road, bring one of each to assure you’ve got something that fits when you need it.” matt – portland, or

4 Stars “The Crown Skinless Skin deserve a 6/5, as do the studded beyond 7’s. The regular Beyond 7’s and the Aloe Beyond 7’s aren’t anything special though.” Alex – Calgary, Alberta

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