Lube Review: Trustex Assorted Flavors

Trustex has long been one of the leading names in the tasty oral sex world. But does the Trustex Assorted Flavors lube sampler stand up to up-and-comers, like WET?

The first thing I noticed after being handed this sampler was that each and every package says that it comes with aloe vera, which is awesome. Aloe, in my opinion, is one of the few redeeming qualities that can be found in water-based lubes. It makes them soothing and comfortable, and it even adds a little to the flavor.

headerNow, unfortunately, Trustex’s ingredients aren’t super vagina-friendly. Like so many other flavored lubes and condoms, they come with glycerin in the formula, which is the root cause of many yeast infections. For that reason, we only recommend this otherwise condom-friendly and toy-safe lube on penises, whether covered by a condom or not, or vulvas that have dental dams over them. Keep them out of mucous membranes.

Here’s the Condom Depot Learning Center’s brief run-down of the flavors:

  • Chocolate: Tastes like cooled-down hot chocolate. I have sampled some chocolate flavored condoms before and honestly not been very impressed, but this is some good work. It was my favorite out of all of them because the taste lingered for the longest. Also, this lube has a slightly foggy tint to it due to the flavoring, whereas most of the other ones are mostly clear.
  • Strawberry: super sweet, similar to WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry, but not as body-safe.
  • Vanilla: In all honesty, tastes a little like the chocolate one. The vanilla flavor doesn’t kick in until right at the end. Also, this lube has a slight caramel coloring to it due to the vanilla extract, so don’t worry– it hasn’t expired.
  • Mint: Spearmint. Straight up spearmint. Personally, I like the flavor of Swiss Navy’s Candy Cane a little bit better because it’s more minty-mint, but this has a nice vanilla-y aftertaste if you’re not a huge fan of mint.
  • Banana: Smells like banana candy (think more like Laffy Taffy than Runtz) but tastes like actual banana. I’m not an actual banana fan, but I somehow managed to enjoy this one.

One reviewer said that they all kind of taste the same. And that’s sort of true– the lube that the flavoring is put into does have a distinct taste. It’s not a bad taste, either, it’s just kind of there in the background. In fact, the more I considered it, the more it made sense– it’s the aloe.

You see, I reviewed Trustex’s Aloe last week, and it had the same, gently sweet taste as the aftertaste of these packets. Personally, I could tell each flavor distinctly, but as the lube wore away off my tongue, the aloe’s taste came through and kind of muddled them all together. Sadly though, the aloe is not included in this flavored sampler, which you can only get from Condom Depot.


After rubbing the lube in a little bit, that aloe flavor more or less goes away and all that’s left is the flavoring, so don’t be afraid to get a little dirty with your hands. Unlike other water-based lubes that include glycerin in their formula, this one doesn’t get super sticky after a little manual friction.

And speaking of, each one of these .20 oz/6 mL foil packs come with a surprisingly amount of lube. Each one was more than enough for one session, and we even had a little bit left over. We should have put it to better use; however, we found that storing them in a Ziploc bag for later use was perfectly acceptable since we are in a monogamous relationship.

Now, each one can be ordered separately (and I linked them all in the descriptions above), but here’s the best thing about buying the sampler pack: you can mix and match them. I made a little menu using the flavors that come in this sampler:


  • Chocolate + mint = mint chocolate chip ice cream. There are no words to describe my love for this one.

chocolate covered strawberries

  • Chocolate + strawberries = chocolate-covered strawberries. The strawberry comes out more strongly than the chocolate, so use it sparingly. Unless you’re into that.


  • Strawberry + vanilla = strawberries and cream. The vanilla showed through a little more strongly that the chocolate in my previous effort, so even amounts are fine here.


  • Strawberry + mint = strawberry mojito. Yes. Weird, but it worked.


  • Chocolate + vanilla + strawberry = neapolitan ice cream.  Yes. Yes. Yes.


  • Strawberry + banana = strawberry banana smoothie. Tastes fresh and fruity and is perfect for some summer fun.


  • Chocolate + banana = chocolate-covered banana. The Bluths would approve.


  • Mint + banana = minty banana? Nah. Just nahhhhhhhh.


  • Mint + chocolate + vanilla + strawberry + banana = absolute anarchy. Would not recommend.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

Combining the flavors in the Trustex Assorted Flavors is really what made this lube sampler shine. Do yourself a f(l)avor and buy them assorted to experience an entire menu of oral delights.


  1. I hate this product.. I had sex using this without a condom and now my vagina is dying.. it itches and has tiny bumps. i should have checked the site first.

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