Condom Depot Sampler Review: Kimono Sampler

Oh, oh, oh! Ki-moan-oh! I just can’t get enough of this seriously sweet Kimono Sampler from Condom Depot!


transparent reviewThe Kimono Sampler comes in two quantities– 12 or 24 in a pack.  Two of each condom come in the 12 pack and four of each are in the 24 pack. They both contain these six, super fly Kimono condoms:

Want the deets on each individual Kimono condom? Check their sizes on our Condom Size Chart or click on the linked products above for individual condom reviews from our staff of Safer Sexperts!

My general gleanings are that the sensitivity level all of these latex condoms is divine and, aside from the Ultra Lubricated which has a water-based Aqua Lube, the silicone-based coating on these suckers is superbly slippery and sensually slick.

Plus, as I recently learned straight from the manufacturer, all of their silicone lubricated condoms are also glycerin and paraben-free! What-what? Well. Isn’t that a nice surprise! My body is very pleased with your safe-for-use-in-every-body-cavity condoms, Kimono. Nice work, guys.

In addition, none of these condoms have an obnoxious smell or taste to speak of, which makes it easier to focus on your partner and not on a bad odor or flavor. For the following test runs I used two additional lubricants, Pjur BodyGlide Light and Pjur Man Basic, out of which I much preferred the Basic for its superior longevity.

Kimono MicroThin


I assure you, there is nothing micro or diminutive about the amount of enjoyment you’ll both receive from these MicroThin condoms. My all-time favorite condom for those who are just a bit too wide for the snugger fit condom range and yet find a lot of other condoms to be loose enough to fall off or roll down the shaft. It’s especially secure when paired the TitanMen Stretch-to-Fit ring.

Kimono MicroThin Large


The poseur of the bunch, the MicroThin Large version is actually smaller than the MicroThin. Nonetheless, it’s still a great condom– but it could be contributing to the FDA’s issues with allowing condoms in a larger variety of sizes. Everyone wants the one that says large on it. Sigh.

Kimono MicroThin Ultra Lubricated

microthinaquaIt’s nice to have a water-based option in certain instances. For example, when using it as a barrier on an adult toy made from a silicone blend (not 100% silicone). I still prefer the other lube though. Big time.

Kimono Thin


As you might expect, the Kimono Thin was my least favorite of the bunch only due to its thickness in comparison to the rest of the bunch. Although, it still felt more sensitive than say, a Trojan ENZ.

Kimono Maxx

CondomDepot-Review-FI-kimonoMaxxI love this condom’s shape, as it’s ideal for anyone who prefers more headroom. Great for uncircumcised penises and those with a more bulbous head and thinner shaft. Excellent heat transfer, to the Maxx.

Kimono Textured Type-E

(now called MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi-Dots)


Ribs and dots feel smaller, firmer and sharper than other studded condoms with big round bumps like LifeStyles Fun Bumps. Nice translucency and incredibly thin feeling. Unusually easy to unroll down the shaft.

BuyNowTemplateKIMONOSAMPLEROverall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

What’s not to enjoy? The entire range of Kimono’s (minus their Rainbow Colors) suit my man and my fancy both quite nicely. From the body-safe lubricant to the extremely thin and silky latex, the condoms in the Kimono Sampler are like a wrapping your willie in the finest silk kimono. But, afterwards you’ll want to put on Hugh Hefner’s red satin smoking jacket.

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