Condom Review: Durex Extra Sensitive

You might not have heard of the Durex Extra Sensitive. It’s not particularly well-known, and against Durex’s menu of prophylactic delights, it kind of blends into the background. There’s nothing super special about it. And yet, there’s a very good reason why this condom is in both our World’s Best Condom Tin and the Durex Sampler.

durexextrasensitiveheaderThe Durex Extra Sensitive is simple in all regards. It’s a traditional-fit, latex condom with a reservoir head, water-based lubricant, it’s average sized (7.75″ x 1.94″ or 196.85 mm x 49.21 mm) and there are no ribs or studs, no flavoring, no magical material, no lasers and no chocolate fudge topping. It’s just a normal condom. So why did I (spoiler alert) give it five stars?

It’s the thickness. Or rather, the thinness.

That shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s called the Extra Sensitive, which is kind of code in condom-lingo for super-duper thin. And it is. The power is in how thin it is. You see, this condom is crazy thin, especially for a Western brand like Durex. If you were to give it to me in a blind test, I’d think that it was made by Okamoto.

And thanks to that crazy thinness, it not only transfers heat well, but it lets you and your partner feel every little thing going on. I don’t know about you, but for my partner and I, that’s the second most important thing we look for in our condoms. The first, of course, is safety. That doesn’t make it less safe than extra-strength condoms though, because it met the exact same FDA standards. And while it’ll stretch and stretch, it’s not super restrictive, either.

I have but a single complaint: this condom was super lubey on the inside, and that was excellent. But on the outside, it didn’t seem to stick around for very long. I don’t know if I just got it on my hands while putting it on or what, but more lube is always better.

We decided to add some Pjur Light Bodyglide to supplement this latex condom. As always with latex and polyisoprene condoms, avoid oil-based lubes if you want this sucker to stay intact. The silicone base of our chosen lube was a perfect match.


Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

The Durex Extra Sensitive fits the bill to join the exclusive club of five-star condoms. With its supple lube, ample stretch, and gentle latex taste and smell, it’s basically everything that you could want–but then it adds its amazing thinness to the mix and straight up blows your mind.

What are Condom Depot customers saying?

stars-5These were first condoms I ever bought in preparation for losing my virginity, so I’m sentimental about them. These condoms helped make my first time wonderful!” Shimmy – New York, NY

stars-5“Ive never been a fan of condoms, but when it comes to my condom of choice it would most definitely be a Durex Extra sensitive!! Unlike every other condom ive ever used this one is the closest to the natural feelings itself!” Ashley – Tampa, Florida

stars-5“Man!, the reason why I’m giving this a 5 is cause the heat transfer was amazing; It felt so good, could feel everything. Now don’t get me wrong uncover is uncover but if you got to protect yourself this is certainly a very good way to go and they are strong too” ROBG – NY,NY

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