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Since 1999, one Florida-based company has churned out a wide variety of affordable and effective supplements, creams and personal lubricants. Available for purchase in 48 countries, MD Science Labs now makes condom-safe arousal gels and lubes under the brand names Swiss Navy and Je T’aime, and male and female sexual enhancement supplements under the brand name MAX.


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Swiss Navy lubricants boast a large range of features and can suit even the most critical of lube consumers’ needs. Want your partner to taste like a candy cane? Swiss Navy is way ahead of you. Whether you want a lube that’s silicone, water-based, all natural, stimulating or in cream-form meant for male masturbation, Swiss Navy’s line of personal lubricants has just what you need to be as wet as you can get.
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Je T’aime lubes are made with women’s anatomies in mind. This elegant and high class line of lubes and arousal gels work with the female body to not only moisturize, but to promote blood flow, vasocongestion and enhance clitoral erections and sensations.


MD Science Lab’s supplements are designed to pick up where nature left off, by combining natural vitamins, minerals and botanicals to achieve longer lasting erections, more powerful ejaculations and increased libido. Unlike some other major supplement manufacturers, only one MD Science product has ever been pulled by the FDA in their 16 years of supplement production. This means that their products are properly labeled and considered safe for human consumption.

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Want to know how these products held up during sexy times? Read detailed and honest reviews of MD Science’s products in these Swiss Navy Lube Reviews and Je T’aime Lube Reviews! And, for more information on other lube manufacturers, click on Learn about Personal Lubricant Brands!

MD Science Labs’s Product List:

Max Size Male EnhancementMax LoadMax Desire for Women
Herbal Viva Daily BoosterHerbal Viva Super BoosterUltimate Spanish Fly
Je T’aime Arousal Gel EcstasyJe T’aime All Natural LubricantSwiss Navy Premium Masturbation Cream
Swiss Navy Flavored LubricantsSwiss Navy Silicone LubricantSwiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant
swiss-navy-flavor (1)swiss-navy-silswiss-navy-sb
Swiss Navy All-Natural LubricantSwiss Navy 2-in-1 Just for HerSwiss Navy 2-in-1 His and Hers
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