Condom Review: Beyond Seven Studded

Feelin’ down and out in the search for the perfect textured condom? It’s OK. Come on, dry up those baby blues, ‘cause these Beyond Seven Studded condoms made from blue-tinted Sheerlon latex could be just right for you and your boo!

CondomDepot-Review-HI-beyondsevenstuddedMade in Thailand and distributed by Okamoto USA, the Beyond Seven Studded’s condom size measures in at 7.87” x 4” or 199.89mm x 101.6mm. Adhere to this circumference, as this material isn’t particularly stretchy.

The base, head and reservoir tip of the condom are smooth while the middle three inches of the shaft is covered with a stippling of teeny, tiny studs the size of pin-pricks or grains of sand. As a receiver, I found these exceptionally small studs to rub me in all the right ways, especially during the out motion.

Traditionally, textured condoms aren’t the thinnest of the thin condoms. I mean, logically we all know additional latex (or non-latex in the case of LifeStyles SKYN Intense Feel condoms) is needed to create the bumps, ribs, studs and what have you. This is where the Beyond Seven Studded excels.

In fact, instead of feeling like a cold and impersonal studded sex toy, the thinness and heat transfer between partners makes the studs feel more like naturally occurring goosebumps, Fordyce spots, or pearly penile papules.b7stJust how sheer is Sheerlon latex? It’s so incredibly see-through, I conducted an experiment where I laid a fresh Beyond Seven Studded atop some text and I could read every single line like a champ–even through doubled layers of the studded portion of the condom– despite my imperfect eyesight.

A slick and silicone-based lubricant lightly coats the material, but I wouldn’t use it without extra condom-safe lubricant. Studs increase friction and add to dryness, and coupled with the somewhat skimpy quantity of lube on this condom, my condom breakage senses went off. I promptly reached for my trusty pump bottle of Swiss Navy Silicone for a few squirts of extra slippery safety.

And, since I can’t help but fight off the blues by bumping sensations up to the next level, I added a Trojan Hot Spot vibrating ring to the already overwhelming awesomeness. Did it result in blue balls? No. No, it didn’t.

BEYONDSEVEN-STUDDED-411X411Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

An insanely sensitive, studded Sheerlon latex condom from the makers of Crown Skinless Skins, Beyond Seven Studded condoms eliminate the boring condom blues and make you and your partner smile like the stud you really are.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “These condoms are great! They are really thin and very sensitive – and the studding just puts it over the edge. Definitely give this a try – you’ll love them. They are on the snug side though, so if you’re a magnum man, these may not be for you.” Rel – New York, NY

5 Stars “I couldn’t BELIEVE the level of sensation I experienced with these condoms! The pleasure was intense!” Shimmy – New York, NY

5 Stars “Best condoms my boyfriend and I have tried. They were thin and sensitive which felt great for both of us. Even with how thin the condom was, it never broke.” Reese D – Atlanta, GA

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