Condom Pack Review: Trojan Midnight Collection

The Trojan Midnight Collection is the whole package. Seriously. It comes with a double-sided vibrating ring, four condoms, and four samples of lubricant and I found all of them to be just what my partner and I needed.

midnightcollectionheaderSince this is the Condom Depot Learning Center, we’ll start of course with the condoms. This box comes with four Trojan Pure Ecstasy condoms, which I have never used before. Kara was not too thrilled by them during her review last year. I didn’t mind them. In fact, I was surprised by how girthy they were. My partner enjoyed the added space, even if neither one of us noticed the far-back ribs.

I’ve never actually used a double-sided vibrating ring before, would you believe that? And I’m such a vibrating ring fan, I literally wrote the book (or guide) on them. Trojan’s Duo Vibrating Ring seems to be made of some kind of elastomer. It’s much more firm than jelly rings, but it is clear, so we know it’s not silicone. Elastomer is an excellent toy material and this isn’t a bad ring.

With just one of the removable bullet vibrators on, the vibrations are a bit weak. If you’re not sure how to feel about a vibrating ring, or you’re not sure your partner will like them, it’s a good starting place. But if you need something more, turning on both vibes will surely get you there. And you should probably do that anyway– the buttons are kind of a pain to hit.midnightcollectionstuffAnd Trojan, I really have to hand it to you here. Because I’ve been highly critical of your lubes before, but the Arouses & Intensifies lubricant (yes, that’s its name) that comes in the Midnight Collection? It was sublime. Not only is it silicone-based, it says that it has some menthol in it, too. I didn’t really feel the tingling that menthol normally lends to lubes, but that’s totally fine with me. This stuff was soothing, thick, and flat out wonderful. It’s essentially everything I want in a lube.

In fact, while writing this review, I decided to crack open another of the four packets included in the Midnight Collection and proceeded to get it all over my hands, desk, and everywhere. And guess what? It took some serious soaping up to get it out. Which may not be ideal for your desk, but is great for playtime. Just make sure you know how to clean it out of your sheets.

And finally, there’s a coupon inside the box. I love coupons. If you like the lubricant in the package, you can get a whole bottle of it, or the two other versions for three dollars off. The purple one is the silicone-based product that comes in the Midnight Collection, but there’s also a blue bottle that looks like a water/silicone hybrid, not unlike WET Synergy, and also a yellow bottle that is a silicone-based, warming lube.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

In all honesty, the Trojan Midnight Collection is great for a weekend getaway, or even just a single night. The condoms aren’t terrible, but the lube and the vibrating ring are totally worth the whole $16.99, especially since Trojan has discontinued selling the Duo on its own, and it got me hooked on a new lube.

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