Condom Depot Announces Inaugural Oral Sex Safety Week

Condom Depot is pleased to announce the celebration of their inaugural Oral Sex Safety Week.


In conjunction with the Center for Disease Control’s STD Awareness Month, the goal of Oral Sex Safety week is to promote safer oral sex. Condom Depot’s Learning Center will be the epicenter for most activity, hosting a number of articles, ranging from reviews of products that are specifically centered around oral sex, to safety tips, to celebrations of safe oral sex in popular media. Social media will also be used to spread the word.

It is no secret that STD rates from oral sex are skyrocketing. Whether it is due to general ignorance of the risk or a lack of knowledge about how to combat it, this negligence makes oral one of the most unsafe forms of sexual contact.

While pregnancy is not often a problem for people who only engage in unsafe oral sex, oral STDs include chlamydia, CMV, gonorrhea, hepatitis, HPVherpes simplex, HIV/AIDs, molluscum, NGU, shigella, syphilis, and yeast infections. The Condom Depot Learning Center has articles on each of those in their Sexually Transmitted Diseases Hub, including how each illness can be transmitted, which symptoms to look out for, and how best to avoid them.


Using barrier devices, such as condoms or dental dams, greatly reduces the risk of oral sex, but these products do not have as many fans as they should.  The manufacturers of flavored condoms and lube are aware of the problem and have begun to offer more and more palatable products. When combined with flavored lubricants, arousal gels, and other lubricants or even toys, the dulled sensitivity from barrier-protected sex can be replaced with other forms of stimulation, making safer oral sex more enjoyable.

The Condom Depot Learning Center hopes that an increased awareness will lead to more people using safer sex products and getting tested, too. Many forms of oral STDs can seem like other illnesses like a cold or flu, or they can be asymptomatic but still cause significant problems down the line. Many can be tested for at the same time as STDs that infect the genitalia.

Condom Depot appreciates any and all fellow safe sex bloggers helping to spread awareness for safer oral sex. Retweet any blog postings with the hashtag “#OralSexSafetyWeek”, or tag the Condom Depot social media account of your choice:

Oral Sex Safety Week runs from April 27th-May 3rd.

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