Condom Depot Sampler Review: Flavored Sampler MAX

Ready to savor the flavor? Condom Depot’s exclusive Flavored Sampler MAX is the best way to get the maximum amount of safe and tasty treats for a minimal amount of searching, shopping, and spending.


Firstly, in honor of The Condom Depot Learning Center‘s first annual #OralSexSafetyWeek, here are some easy ways to find out why you should use barriers during oral sex. And, don’t forget– condoms can also very easily be turned into dental dams for safer cunnilingus and/or anilingus!

The Flavored Sampler MAX comes with an assortment of 30 different flavored, straight-fit, latex condoms, a 12% off coupon card, and an instructional insert. Each Condom Depot Sampler is unique and will vary from one to the next depending on what is in stock at the time of the order.

If you already know you prefer one or two flavors over the rest, there is no guarantee you’ll get your faves, so you might want to order individual flavors instead of gambling that they’ll be included in your Flavored Sampler MAX. For instance, I feel if mine had included a Durex Tropical Green Apple or a Trustex or Fantasy brand grape-flavored condom, this would have been the best sampler ever.

My Flavored Sampler MAX included these quantities and flavors:

Interested in reading individual Condom Reviews and/or product descriptions of these oh-so-yummy prophylactics? Simply click on the links above!


Upon delivery, the Flavored Sampler MAX was small enough to fit into my mailbox without any problems.

I was very pleased to discover that the closest expiration date out the thirty flavored condoms was 06/2017 on one condom, with the rest all set to last well into 2018… not that they’ll make it that long, but it’s nice to know they are fresh and the inventory is frequently rotated for ultimate condom freshness.

For the current price of $17.99, that’s basically 60 cents per flavored condom. Nom nom nom! Bring on the buffet!

My favorite? Trustex Non-Lubricated Vanilla. It’s totally dry, bright blue, smells like a vanilla bean’s wet dream, and is made from super smooth, ultra-kissable and lickable latex. It was startlingly similar to Trust brand’s mouthwatering vanilla dental dam.

And, as a yeast-prone lady, knowing I’m using a glycerin-free lube is easier when I have total control over it (not a pre-lubricated condom). I used WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry lubricant which is lip-smackingly luscious, and sugar and glycerin-free, so it’s good for me!

BuyNowTemplateFLAVOREDMAXOverall Rating: 5 Stars

Final Verdict:

Ding ding! Order up! I hope you’re hungry, because this extremely appetizing, and sensuously succulent Flavored Sampler MAX from Condom Depot contains a smorgasbord of sexy scents and scrumptious flavors for Top Ramen prices.

What Condom Depot Customers are Saying:

5 Stars “Tasted like biscuit and gravy. damn good!!!!!” david – ky

2 Stars “Was excited to order this assortment to try different flavors and was really disappointed when literally 10 out of the 30 were strawberry, 6 were banana and 6 were vanilla. I would have liked to receive some different flavors. I won’t be purchasing this again.” Christina – Groveland MA

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