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OK, OK, so the highly coveted pumpkin spiceflavored condoms turned out to be a joke, but participating in oral sex without a protective barrier is no laughing matter. Therefore, in honor of our first annual #OralSexSafetyWeek, we created a one-stop shop for oral sex information– this Oral Sex Safety Week Article Hub! 


Before becoming wrapped up in the moment and risking STD transmission, first wrap your head around this vital info on how-to stay safer during oral sex. After learning the risks, you may soon be wrapping the nether region’s head in a succulent strawberry-flavored latex condom before commencing your next sucking session.

Allergic to latex? That’s no reason to quarrel over oral! Turn a normally neutral tasting, non-latex condom into a tasty treat by adding your sweetie’s favorite flavored lubricant to the mix. Take a LifeStyles SKYN condom and add some WET Fun Flavors Lube in pomegranate and voilà! Bon appetite, and no seeds! 


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  1. […] or receiving bj’s with a little bit o’ teeth action thrown into the mix? Better make your safer oral sex barrier as strong and tasty as your partner is by using Trustex Extra Strength Flavored condoms […]

  2. […] reactions to a lot of lubes, non-lubricated condoms are a godsend. If you joined in on the Oral Sex Safety Week fun a few months back, you may remember our suggestion for anyone with lube sensitivities to use […]

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