Lube Review: WET Fun Flavors Personal Lubricant

WET has long been the go-to brand for flavored lubricants, and their Fun Flavors are what started it all. Populating adult stores in their colorful pillow packets, these lubricants are also available in bottles, and each one is more tasty than the last.


But seriously. These lubes are like candy. They come in kiwi-strawberry, watermelon, pomegranate, sweet cherry, wild blueberry, and passion fruit punch. I had the opportunity to try them all, and ranked them accordingly. In first place, there was pomegranate, watermelon, wild blueberry, kiwi-strawberry, passion fruit punch, and sweet cherry. In second place, there was nothing. Because it was completely impossible to pick a favorite.

And there’s no reason to commit to one, whole 3.5 fl. oz. bottle just yet. We sell them in pillow pack samples, too. Our sampler of all six flavors is currently only $5.99, or you can even get an assorted jar of 144 for $84. Try them out, see which one you like best. Or just buy all six flavors.

wetflavors-pillowThe taste of these lubes is obviously the strong point, but remember, they are lubes. They stay lubey. So don’t think it’s like putting syrup straight up on your genitals. While they might feel a bit sticky, they’ll stay slick even during some manual play, plus they’ll wipe away clean with simple soap and water.

And because they’re so very delicious, they’re an excellent pairing with dental dams, like Trust Oral Dams, which may not have a super strong flavor, or non-lubricated condoms. 

Due to the water-base, I’d really avoid using it for anal, too. Stick to oral. And while it does say that this product is sugar-free, there is glycerin present in the official ingredient list which makes those of us who are yeast-prone skeptical about putting it near our vulvas.

If you’ve used lubes with glycerin in them before and not had an issue, it may not be a problem. Otherwise, try out WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry— it’s glycerin-free and won’t irritate the skin, plus it tastes amazing.

WET Fun Flavors are, however, now paraben-free, although our website currently says otherwise. Good for you, WET. We’re working with IT to fix our ingredient list, but for now, per the WET website, this is all you’ll find in WET Fun Flavors: Glycerin, Water (Aqua), Carboxymethylcellulose, Flavor (Aroma), Sucralose Pentylene Glycol, Potassium Sorbate.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

WET Fun Flavors are fun, flavorful, and if they were a little more vagina-friendly (like their fellow-WET product, Naturals Sensual Strawberry), they would be perfect.

What are Condom Depot customers saying?

5 Stars This made oral sex so much easier, my guy enjoyed it also. I started with the variety pack, there’s no significant difference b.w. any of the flavors, it just give the genitals a sweeter taste. sandra – Albany, NY

4 Stars This is only the second type of lubricant I’ve ever used, and I was pleased with it. It smells nice (a little too sweet), he said it tasted good on me, so that’s good. Only downside is that it feels really sticky for a bit, but dries normally w/o stickiness. Strange. Vanessa – Ottawa, ON

5 StarsTastes good, made oral sex better! Kelly – Georgia

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