Condom Review: Trustex Extra Strength Flavored

Do you like giving or receiving bj’s with a little bit o’ teeth action thrown into the mix? Better make your safer oral sex barrier as strong and tasty as your partner is by using Trustex Extra Strength Flavored condoms during fellatio.

TrustexExtraStrengthFeaturedtransparent reviewTrustex brand Extra Strength Flavored condoms are colored, flavored, lubricated condoms with a straight fit and a reservoir tip. They’re made by Line One Labs, who also manufacture Fantasy, Impulse and Kameleon brand condoms and Trust Oral Dams.

Size-wise, these jam-packed with flavor condoms measure in at 7.87” long x a 4.24” circumference (199.89mm x 98.42mm), which makes these our girthiest flavored condom. Here that, wider guys? This one’s for you.

They are made from a thicker latex than the regular Trustex Assorted Flavored condoms, which can help with peace of mind when it comes to having extra security around your most precious body part. Additionally, this thicker latex can also act as a means of climax control, making him last longer due to less sensitivity and sensation.

These whiff-a-licious condoms come in a black wrapper, which is their main distinguishing characteristic when picking them out from a flavored condom lineup, like from a Flavored Sampler MAX.

But wait, the condoms inside them aren’t a subdued nude or black color. Oh no, they’re not! These vibrant hues could shame a sequined rainbow for being too subtle. Nothing but the brightest and fantastically fragrant receptacle for your special sauce, my dears.

When adding additional lube to these extra strength condoms for flavor and safety, Trustex Flavored Lubricants are a delectable match made in oral sex heaven. And, if you find a favorite flavor, you can order them specifically or if you want to try them all, we also have random assortments of flavors available for purchase as well.


Do I detect a modicum of mint, hmmm? An energizing flavor and fragrance, awakens the mind and body and creates a subtle cool tingle.


This banana condom has quite the island-y aroma, but the association I have with yellow + genitalia = urine was visually unappealing.


Vanilla bean overtones drove my palate and olfactory senses wild with desire. Chase away my blues and give me more vanilla (flavor that is, not vanilla sex)!


A nuance of chocolate nougat perhaps? Ordinarily my worst received flavor, chocolate just isn’t my bag, baby. Sorry, chocoholics. I tried to taste it, but couldn’t. You’ll have to make up your own mind.


Like a bouquet of luscious and dewy strawberries, this as-red-as-passion condom made me feel like I was ripe for the pickin’ and ready to eat.

BuyNowTemplateTRUSTEXXSTFLOverall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Extra Strength Flavored condoms do what they advertise- stay strong and stay flavored. A bit too thick for my taste, but none of them broke, so safe is safe– and yummy is yummy, eh?

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