Q: Which condoms smell and taste the best?

Q: Hi, My wife hates the smell and taste of regular condoms. We don’t need condoms for contraception, but which no smell & taste condoms can you recommend for us, as she refuse outright to let me come in her mouth, so thought I might solve both problems by changing the type of condom. Thanks!



A: Great question, especially since we’ve just wrapped up our first annual #OralSexSafetyWeek and all the good and not-so-good condom flavors are still very fresh in my mind.

Honestly, since I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of smelling and tasting all the condoms we sell here at Condom Depot, I can relate to her revulsion and I agree with your wife’s opinion wholeheartedly.

Most condoms aren’t made specifically for use during blow jobs, which is why they tend to offend the receivers senses during oral sex. And, while vaginae and anuses regularly emit an unmistakable musk of their own, both orifices lack the ability to smell or taste.

SKYN-English_This-Changes-Everything-WebSo which ones are more face-friendly? Well, after my seemingly endless foray into huffing and orally sampling condoms the only ones I can confidently say have a neutral and non-latex-y odor/flavor are condoms made from a material called polyisoprene, such as the LifeStyles SKYN and the LifeStyles SKYN Large. They lack the distinctive and sometimes even disgusting latex scent/taste because they’re not made from latex.

The lubricant on these LifeStyles condoms is body-safe and appropriate for oral consumption, but additional flavored lubricant like WET Naturals Sensual Strawberry can easily be added for more fruitiness. They’re also a white/sheer instead of the traditional tan color of latex, enhancing the naturalness of the experience for both parties.

Other than these SKYN condoms, the only other ones I found palatable were the Durex Tropical Green Apple Flavored condoms. They are indeed made from latex, but they have no distinctive latex taste or scent as compared to any other flavored condom or non-flavored latex condom. However, these condoms are bright green, which may be a plus or minus in your visual book.

You might consider learning a bit more about this products through The Condom Depot Learning Center before placing an order. If so, here are links to condom reviews for each of these condoms, as well as a fellatio buying guide and a review of our staff’s favorite flavored lube:

I hope this was helpful! Best of luck in finding the perfect condom for your wife’s particular please-please-please-don’t-taste-repugnant predicament!

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