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Want to get more in touch with yourself? Sweet! It’s high time to toss those harmful stigmas aside, practice self-pleasure and sensuously stroke your… ego. The reason? It’s pleasin’ season! May is National Masturbation Month, which is the reason we created this one-stop-information-shop. 


Learn how to masturbate with and without toys, while using condoms, the risks and benefits involved, and which lubes, lotions and creams work the best for bustin’ a nut all by your lonesome. Go on. No one is looking, and you know you want to. 

We hope our Masturbation Month Article Hub will fully satisfy all of your tugging, wanking, fapping, pumping, grinding, bean flicking or rubbing-one-out needs, at least for now. Interested in more hub-by goodness? Check out our other Article Hubs, which are brimming over with bountiful sex ed info and are chock-full of juicy tips, tricks and tidbits. 

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Sex Toy Reviews and Buying Guides

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