Condom Review: Trustex Lubricated

Made by Line One Labs, these straight-fitting, traditional, latex Trustex Lubricated condoms are the quintessential, simple, sheer, classic-and-effective, male condom.


If you’re in the mood for ribs, dots, orgasm enhancing lubricant, climax control lubricant, vibrant colors, non-latex, glow-in-the-dark, and/or exotic flavors of condoms– kindly move along to much more experimental prophylactics. Your hankering for a wacky and wild hanky-panky accessory will not be filled here.

Instead of being awestruck a safer sex light show filled with extraneous features, this condom is more along the lines of watching a black and white episode of Lassie. Up next… does Timmy do well in graphic design? Uh oh… looks like someone over in Trustex town just discovered the swirl filter in Photoshop. No, Timmy, no!

Swirl on, new Trustex Lubricated wrapper. Swirl on.

You may have noted the new spiraling quasar of grape jelly, or possibly the aftermath of Barney using a bathroom in a Boston Whaler, and deduced there was a recent Trustex Lubricated condoms’ wrapper change. Quite the departure from the plain ol’ red ‘n gold condom wrapper of this condom’s past. Check those red wrappers for expiration dates if you have some old ones lying around.

However, the unassuming Trustex Lubricated does it job with manly durability, burly comfort, almost see-through transparency and they come at a low price (now priced at $24.99 for a bulk pack of 100). In addition, they also have a reservoir tip for extra catching room when the time comes.


When the clock struck lube-thirty, things were getting rather on the dry side, I didn’t want to change the uncomplicated nature of this condom, so I kept with the low-key minimalism going by adding the most pure personal lubricant I had handy and at my disposal– Doc Johnson’s i-Lube.

The result was akin to the transformation in the film Pleasantville, when the black and white, sexually oppressed TV town and its sexually frustrated citizens blossom into a panorama of full color. Fortunately, smell-o-vision isn’t broadcasting on the airwaves, ‘cause this condom is a ‘lil stinker, for sure. Nonetheless, it tastes nearly identical to a flavorless, polyisoprene LifeStyles SKYN.

Basically, add lube. Lube makes these somewhat sticky raincoats feel a lot more like the real deal. And, it keeps them from being prone to breakage, particularly for those who are thicker than its snugger-than-average girth measurement of 3.74” (95mm). In contrast, size-wise these condoms are quite long at 8.25” (209.55mm).

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Lubricated condoms are the Ron Swanson of rubbers– strong, straight-as-an-arrow with a smooth-as-silk exterior, and the self-possessed will to survive, particularly with the inclusion of generous cascades of properly selected, well-applied, silicone-based lube.

What are Condom Depot Customers Saying?

4 Stars
“These are a fine product. Price is comparable to other condoms, and they do not have a strong offensive latex smell.” Drew – Vancouver, BC

5 Stars
“Wow…just wow!” Elliot – Ontario, Canada

5 Stars
“This is a snug fitting, all-purpose condom. For some reason drug stores all in this area suddenly stopped selling these. The condom is a little tight but they actually feel good to wear.” Craig – Atlanta, GA

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