Condom Review: Kameleon Tri Color- Red, White & Blue

Whether your honey is on leave from the service, or is just in need of a little servicing under the sheets, the Kameleon Tri Color- Red, White & Blue condom is as much fun for your eyes as it is for your Private Johnson.

KameleonReviewHeaderReady to raise the flag and proclaim your desire with the stars and stripes forever? This fourth of July, Independence Day doesn’t have to be solemnly celebrated alone. Reignite the spark and pop one off with the flames of passion burning bright! Light up the night and burst forth with the most memorable and visually exciting condom on the market.

Want to make the festivities extra special? Check out,“Increasing Fireworks in the Bedroom: Multiple Orgasms!” kameleoncolorsThese multi-colored, 7″ x 4″ (177.8mm x 101.6mm), male condoms have a traditional, straight-fit with a reservoir tip. The red reservoir tip and white head areas are opaque, meaning these areas obscure the penis, while the blue shaft/base segment of the condom is translucent (see-through). As discussed in,“Self-Confidence and Condoms,” this makes these condoms perfect for covering up things like pearly penile papules.


Do these condoms smell and taste like the American dream? Actually, they’re more like Sweden’s politics on the other senses– neutral. Therefor, oral sex is definitely an option since they’re lacking a strong latex flavor. Nonetheless, invading a foreign orifice with an American flag condom– what’s more pro-capitalism than that? Nothing! Nothing, I say!

Made by Line One Laboratories, the same condom manufacturers that bring us Fantasy brand condoms, Kameleon condoms are highly sought after for their unusual appearance which creates quite the long-lasting impression. They’re FDA-approved and electronically tested for protection against STIs and unwanted pregnancy. So go ahead and explode with patriotism inside your favorite citizen.

But, unless you’re into corporal punishment, be sure to use additional lubricant on these Kameleon Tri Color condoms, as they are unusually dry right out of the wrapper. And, a lightly-lubed condom is asking for breakage. Yikes! I took evasive action by employing a few drops of WET Ecstasy Silicone to the inside and outside of the condom before deploying to D-town.


Overall Rating: 50 Stars

Final Verdict:

Kameleon Tri Color- Red, White & Blue condoms get a respectful salute from my partner and I as the perfect way to express appreciation for the two great loves in my life: satisfaction through safer sex and the American way.

What Condom Depot customers are saying:

5 Stars
“The color was great and the pleasure was good too.” Wendy – Cassopolis, MI

5 Stars
“It was so patriotic that she stopped and saluted the flag high atop the pole.” EJ – Boca Raton, FL

3 Stars
“Interesting color design, and they roll on easily. My girlfriend liked the color design.” TJ – Ames, IA

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