Condom Review: Trojan Extended Pleasure

Looking to delay blast off and, “Last Longer with Climax Control Condoms?” Boldly enter the wormhole and warp time with your wang using Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms!


Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms are coated with a numbing agent similar to those found in Durex Performax Intense condoms, Anal-Ese and LifeStyles Everlast Intense condoms. To be precise, these have 4% benzocaine, which was also the amount present in the aloe-based burn cream I recently bought for my boyfriend at Walgreens. Learn more about climax control lubes in, “Personal Lubricants: A Complete Guide.”

I’d heard rumors that the desensitizing lubricant on these condoms was both on the inside and the outside of the latex. This would mean both partners are numbed equally. Not good. When I opened the purple wrapper and removed the condom, there was so much lube on this condom that it was literally dripping off the condom and there was leftover lube still in the wrapper. Excessive, much? And, to my dismay, yes, this bountiful benzocaine-laced lube affected us both, making me as numb as him. Boo!  extendedpleasure

When it comes to size, Trojan Extended Pleasure condoms aren’t lacking. Measuring in with a sizable length and circumference of 8” x 4.24” or 203.2mm x 107.96mm, these climax control condoms are proportioned for the larger than average member. Unlike many other Trojan condoms, these are straight-fitting with a reservoir tip.


These naturally colored latex condoms don’t have the most pleasant scent. I didn’t have the guts to taste one, as the active ingredient is basically the same as novocaine, the local anesthetic used by dentists. Therefore, these condoms definitely aren’t meant for oral sex.

Overall Rating: 3 Stars

Final Verdict:

True to Trojan form, the Extended Pleasure condom delivers but doesn’t go above and beyond. But, if you are looking for a non-textured climax control condom, this is your only option.

What Condom Depot customers are saying:

5 Stars “Did exactly what I needed it to do. Works great!! Thank you, Trojan.” Greg – Oregon
5 Stars “I used to be like 5 min I used this thing for the first time today I was up to a half hour.” Tom – Flint Mi
5 Stars “Great if you want to go on continuously but not great if you want excitement and sensation. Especially great if you get a girl who turns you on but you want to go on and on. For excitement and sensation, go with the Crown condoms. It does what it says it does.” Kevin – Tulsa, OK

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