Condom Review: Trustex Loves Sensitive

Do you love sensitive condoms? Like, you really love-love them? Well then, you’ll surely fall head over heels for the new Trustex Loves Sensitive condom!TrustexLovesSensitivesHeader

These lubricated latex condoms from Line One Laboratories come in a distinctive bright pink wrapper and are available for purchase in bulk packs from a mere 12 condoms to cases of 1,000 condoms. And, surprisingly these condoms are incredibly inexpensive, at a current price of $19.99 for 100 condoms. Sweet!

Visually, this straight-fit condom with a reservoir tip is nearly clear. Although it is a natural latex color, the condom’s material is so extremely thin, you can see right through these suckers. Prepare to see your protected partner with more detail than ever before!

And, the details don’t stop with the eyes. Oh no. During penetrative acts, the sensitivity of this condom shines through. I give it a gold star for sensitivity. The heat transfer, ridge of the head, veins, it’s all very easy to feel, almost as if there wasn’t a barrier between our fun bits.

Trustex Loves Sensitive condoms are very, very lightly lubricated. For safety against breakage, I felt we needed to add more personal lubricant to the mix to reduce friction. We went with a classic silicone-based lube, WET Platinum and we had no complaints on the Loves + Platinum combo from either of us. In fact, we both loved it.


And to make things even better, these Trustex brand condoms have no taste or smell to speak of, making them a shoo-in for oral sex or the ole’ put-the-condom-on-with-your-mouth trick. Just remember– no teeth!

Size-wise, they’re slightly above average at 8” x 4” or 203.2mm x 101.6mm. If you love the sensitivity offered by Japanese condoms like the Crown Skinless Skin, but find them a bit too snug in the girth department, these will fit you perfectly.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Loves Sensitive condoms are a super sweet way to have safer sex while still feeling the intimate details of your partner’s private parts. And, they’re as easy on the eyes as they are on your wallet. Had they been just a tad bit lubier they would’ve gotten a full five stars.

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