Condom Review: Trustex Assorted Colors

Do good things come in brightly colored packaging? Yes. Yes they do. And now, with Trustex Assorted Colors condoms phallus(es) and/or phallic objects will be no exception to this rule.TRUSTEXassortedHeader1Visual stimulation is an important part of sexual attraction, so why not experiment with fun condoms? And, they’re not just for intercourse. Boring dildo? Posh wanking? Take advantage of the wide array of rainbow colors and make each romp a new adventure. Not sure how? Check out, “How-To: Use Condoms on Sex Toys.”

Like all other Trustex, Impulse, Kameleon and Fantasy brand condoms, these colorful condoms are manufactured by Line One Laboratories. These incredibly vibrant hues are bright, festive and cheery and they’re great for special events like pride parades.trustexassortcolorgroupTrustex Assorted Colors condoms measure in at (length by circumference): 7.87” x 4” or 199.89mm x 101.6mm. This happens to be the same condom size as Trustex Extra Strength Flavored condoms if you’re interested in securing a matching set for fellatio and vaginal or anal penetration.

Aside from the mesmerizing, shiny colors, Trustex Assorted Colors are a traditional, male, straight-fitting latex condom with a reservoir tip. No textures, flared-shapes or flavors here, folks.1010The front of the a wrapper is a red swirl design, while the backs are clear so you can select the color of your choice. When I opened it up, I was shocked to find that these colored condoms have absolutely no latex taste or smell, making them extremely face-friendly.

These translucent ROY G. BIVs of the condom world are allegedly coated with a water-based lubricant, but it felt more like a hybrid lube to me. So, to stick with the theme I added WET Silk hybrid lube for added pleasure and safety– which I could totally afford since I got 50 Trustex Assorted Colors condoms for the current price of $13.99. Dude, that’s like 28 cents per condom.


Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Assorted Colors condoms are odorless, flavorless and come in six brilliant shades. So hop to it and create a riot of color in your bedroom for a crazy low-cost!

What Condom Depot customers are saying:

5 Stars“Favorite condoms!” Jessica – Hobokin, NJ

2 Stars “Feels a lot thicker than what it says…not a very natural feeling.” Josh – Kansas

1 Star “Agreed with previous commenter. Felt very thick and insensitive. May be it’s the dye?” Jky – NY

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