Interviews: Best and Worst Safer Sex Experiences

Like an investigative, safer sex reporter operating on the sly for clues about the most sensitive of topics, I coyly sent out seven, sometimes-sexy questions to lots of actual folks. What I got back in return were true blue tales of their trials, tribulations and soaring successes whilst having sex using condoms


The main goal of gathering up this private(s) condom information? To discover the best the and worst of real peoples’ sex lives. The joyous, soaring ups and the chafing, burning lows. For the betterment of our collective sex lives, I think these are things we all need to know!

The email I sent to these select, sex positive sentients is directly below.


This is a research questionnaire for an upcoming article I am working on.

If you choose to participate, please answer as honestly as possible. If a question doesn’t apply to you, or makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to leave the answer blank.

I assure you that anything you say will remain anonymous and confidential. I sincerely thank you in advance for your participation.

Much appreciated,

Kara Spitzkeit
Content Director and Creator, Go Live, Inc.

And now, without any legwork or sleuthing on your part, you can know too! Uncover their unique responses and unlock the magical door of learning from others’ experiences, be they the best or be they the worst. 

Indulge and behold the seven safer sex scenarios in question and the hand-picked, best answer of the bunch for each one. Honorable mention comments are also absolutely worth a read and are located right below the questions.

The Questions:


1. Have you ever used a flavored condom or dental dam for safer oral sex? Were they gross or tasty? Describe.

vanilla dental dams and green apple and strawberry flavored rubbers are all delicious. chocolate and cola condoms made me want to puke. had to throw away and evacuate surrounding area due to their horrid smell.

2. Have you ever had a condom break on you or fall off during intercourse? Tell the tale!

I’ve had a condom fall off after getting a bit too crazy, and partly also not having a good fitting condom. It’s an awkward moment when your partner realizes that he no longer has the condom on, and says something like “Uh…I lost the condom…” I had to go to the bathroom to dig it out while he laid there feeling guilty. Then there was the worry that I could get pregnant. Actually this was the reason I became a customer of condomdepot in the first place. I knew my boyfriend would feel too awkward to order a tighter fitting condom, so I did the research on the site to find one that would fit him like a glove.

3. Has protected sex ever lead to burning, pain, or a rash, a UTI or a yeast infection?

Yes, I have always had burning, pain and sometimes a yeast infection as a reaction to using all Trojan brand condoms (sorry Trojan) and also other brand condoms with spermicide. I have occasionally had a UTI after sex but not very often. I’ve heard that going wee after sex helps prevent it, so I usually do this now.

4. Any extreme reactions (positive or negative) from your partner when using or attempting to use a condom?

guys got mad when I only had large or small-sized condoms, but didn’t bring their own, so f@#k off

5. Have you or a partner ever incurred an injury during safer sex? Details!

pulled hamstring, dickburn from excessive boning 🙂

6. Have you ever ruined clothes, fabrics or anything else from lubricant or condoms?

yes. pro tip: lay down a towel to avoid slippage from squirting

7. Has there ever been a time when buying condoms created a comical situation? Please explain.

I would sometimes make a big ordeal out of buying condoms in high school.  Most people were embarrassed to buy them, I have gone up to the cashier and told them the price that rang up was wrong and make them call over the PA for a price check…

Honorable Mention Comments:

  • I feel like I have had a very boring “safe sex” life.  Maybe I should have tried having “safe sex” a little bit more.
  • I prefer the discretion of buying condoms online.
  • Never used dental dams but apple flavored condoms taste so good.
  • I’ve never had a partner refuse sex because I requested that we use a condom.
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