Condom Review: Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated

Did Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated condoms increase my oral sexual appetite? Yup! I instantly created a meal made of man meat with these brightly colored, non-lubricated, flavored condoms!


In an effort to stay safer from skin-to-skin STIs, like herpes and HPV, and from things which can be passed through fluid transfer, such as gonorrhea, I use flavored condoms during fellatio.

As it turns out, Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated condoms are a sexy and tasty way for both folks to stay better protected!

Want to know what’s in your lube or lubricated condoms? You’re not the only one. As someone who experiences negative reactions to a lot of lubes, non-lubricated condoms are a godsend. trustexflavorlubegroupIf you joined in on the Oral Sex Safety Week fun a few months back, you may remember our suggestion for anyone with lube sensitivities to use flavored lubricant atop condoms for scrumptious and fearless fellatio.

Yeast infections, rashes, burning, itching— they can all easily be avoided, simply by adding the lube of your choice to a Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated condom.

And, Trustex brand condoms makes it super easy to pair lube with these flavors, as I found when employing Trustex Vanilla lubricant with the non-lubricated, flavored condom.

These condoms come in seven assorted flavors/colors, or you can buy the individual flavors on their own in retail boxes of 3 or twelve. I wanted to try them all, so I opted to get the 12 bulk pack of assorted flavors for the current price of $6.00, making them a measly fifty cents apiece.

Assorted flavors include:

  • vanilla
  • banana
  • strawberry
  • grape
  • cola
  • mint
  • chocolate

Minus the cola and chocolate condoms, I found all the flavors to be pretty darn palatable, with vanilla being my all time favorite flavor of the lineup. It’s probably no coincidence that when I tried out Line One Laboratories‘ other safer oral sex product, Trust Dental Dams, the vanilla flavored oral dams were also my preferred flavor.

trustexlogoComing in second place on the yummy-scale, there’s a three-way tie between grape, strawberry and banana. All good, but they seemed more distracting than the vanilla. The mint is spearmint, not peppermint like LifeStyles Fun Bumps, which I feel indifferent to.

For those who are shorter in length and are looking for a flavored condom, this condom is your best bet. Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated condoms measure in at 6.87“ x 4“ or 174.49mm x 101.6mm. This makes them the shortest length condom in the vast Condom Depot warehouse, but with a wider girth than average. Otherwise, they’re a traditional, straight-fitting, latex, male condom.BuyNowTemplateTRUSNONASSFLA

Overall Rating: 4 Stars

Final Verdict:

Trustex Flavored Non-Lubricated latex condoms provide a safer way to suck n’ stroke, are affordable, taste great and are visually appealing.

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