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Butts. No matter who you are or what you’re into, everybody’s got one. Yet, many questions remain: Is anal play as sexy in real life as it is in adult films? Are special PrEP-erations needed? What are the risks involved and what can you do to stay safer? And, which condoms, sex toys and lubricants are most suited for this penetrating act?


If you want to know how to have anal sex in a safer way, you came to the right place! We’ve answered all these booty-based quandaries, and more, right here in this Anal Sex Article Hub. Simply scroll through our article hub by topic and click on any one (or more) of these fun and informative anal sex-centric article titles to get started!

Anal Sex for Beginners:

History of Anal Sex:

Anal Sex in the News:

Reducing the Risks of Anal Sex:

Condoms and Anal Sex:

Sex Toys for Anal Sex:

Lubricants for Anal Sex:

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  1. […] delicate anal lining is easily ripped. Prevent discomfort and tearing of the anal walls by using specially designed, […]

  2. […] a coarse detergent, think powdered kitchen cleaner like Ajax. It tears fissures in the vaginal and anal canals thus opening a person up to an increased risk of contracting something or getting an infection […]

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