10 Reasons Why We Love Lube!

Sex is awesome. Lube is super sweet. Put ‘em together and you’ve got sex lube. What’s not to like about that? As an homage to our undying love of lube, here are the top 10 ten reasons why we unabashedly adore personal lubricants!


Water-based and silicone-based lubes make up the majority of condom-safe sex lubes out there. As discussed in the, “Condom Depot Guide to Personal Lubricants,” oil-based lubricants like coconut oil can damage latex condoms, rendering them ineffective against STI transmission and unwanted pregnancies.

Curious about those ingredients in your prospective new lube? Check out our article called, “What’s in My Lube?” for a rundown on what these mysterious chemical and natural components entail.

Are you more of the DIY type of lube user? No worries! We’ve got the slickest guide around. Read, “Diving into the Realm of DIY Lube,” to find out how to cook up your own slippery concoction at home!


Flavorful Oral Sex

Oral sex leave a bad taste in your mouth? Compatible with flavored condoms and dental dams, flavored lubes are a delicious way to experience safer cunnilingus, anilingus and fellatio. WET Fun Flavors are our personal fav. Check out our, “Oral Sex Safety Week,” article hub for more lip-smackingly good information!


Sex in the Water

Safer sex in the shower, hot tub, pool or ocean just isn’t possible without the aid of silicone-based lubricants. Since they resist water, they won’t wash off or evaporate during the act. We particularly enjoy Pjur Man Basic for water humping.


Muscle Massage

Feeling tense? Relax and relieve the tension with a sensual lube rubdown. Pjur Light BodyGlide is our top seller for massage professionals, but we also recommend WET Fun Flavors Heated Body Lotion for a hot, yummy scented and condom-safe intimate massage.


Alleviates Vaginal Dryness

Breastfeeding, menopause and alcohol are just some of the factors which contribute to vaginal dryness. Because the penis glides along the natural vaginal moisture of an aroused female, when this opening is dry, the result can be painful and even damaging to the internal tissues.


Prevents Death Grip and Clitoral Callusing

Masturbation is no excuse for dryness. To simulate sex with a partner, use lube for wanking and rubbing one out. This will keep your hand and/or sex toy from causing callusing on the genital regions, which can impede sensations with your partner.


Increased Sensations

Warming and tingling feelings are just a dollop away with sex lubes made to increase circulation and vasocongestion. Perfect for temperature play, personal lubricants such as WET Together up the sensitivity in the nether regions with minimal outside effort. Great for those who are less sensitive, have trouble feeling their partner through condoms or are short on time for foreplay.


Decreased Sensations

Climax control condoms can delay male ejaculation, making sex last longer. Thwart those premature ejaculation issues from the get-go with benzocaine-coated, lubricated condoms like Durex PerforMax Intense. Also, lube additives like Anal Ese can turn a regular lube into a desensitizing lube.


Alternative Uses

Tame those frizzy tresses, remove last night’s eyeliner, polish your patent leather shoes, lube up a rubber catsuit, wrestle around in it, make alien slime and more with leftover lube!


Easier Anal Entry

The delicate anal lining is easily ripped. Prevent discomfort and tearing of the anal walls by using specially designed, condom-safe lubes for anal sex like Pjur BackDoor Relaxing Anal Glide.


Keeps Condoms Intact

Whether you use non-lubricated (dry) condoms or pre-lubricated ones, additional lube can make safer sex more less risky and more fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Like car lubes, sex lubes act as a friction reducer, making in and out motions easier and causing less heat and stress on the condom’s thin material.

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