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Whew! It’s been a busy month getting ready for the holidays and our readers are more curious than ever, it seems. Learn the answer to their Ask a Safer Sexpert submissions about condoms, latex allergies, size issues, delay creams, lubes and more in our December 2015 Reader Questions!


Q: When will the Blue Diamond Condoms be available in the US?


A: Good question! In the future, Blue Diamond condoms may or may not be available for purchase in the USA. Since condoms are classified as life-saving devices, their availability depends solely on FDA-approval, not on marketplace/consumer demand. So far, these Viagra condoms have not been approved for sale in America. For more information on erectile dysfunction, please visit our, “Erectile Dysfunction Article Hub.” Thanks for your interest!

Q: Can you please tell me or direct me to a guideline on how much an average-sized guy should pull off the tip of the condom to allow empty space for the semen? I use the Beyond Seven Sheerlons. If I leave more than about half an inch or so, she can feel it folding over and rubbing around and irritating her. I don’t expect those nipples can hold much – or is that generally considered to typically be ample room? Thanks!


A: The correct method is to pinch the tip (the reservoir which looks like a nipple) with one hand and to unroll it with the other. This prevents air from becoming trapped and allows enough room for ejaculate. There is no need to leave more room at the end of the condom than that as it can cause cervical irritation (as you mentioned). Here’s an article with some helpful graphics.

Q: Is there a lube you’d recommend that’s more consistent with the “water-based” lube on these Japanese condoms I bought? (I didn’t realize the Pjur was silicone-based when I bought it.) I like the idea of water-based in general – more natural, less foreign feel or smell or taste. I don’t know if water-based lube in a bottle is practical or available, though. If it is, what do you recommend to, well, just complement what’s on these condoms?


A: Our staff favorite water-based lube is WET Naturals Beautifully Bare. It is the most natural, has the least amount of scent and taste, is made in the USA and does not contain any harmful ingredients. It is compatible with latex condoms as well as all other condom and adult toy materials. Thanks for your patronage and I hope this helps.

Q: Any chance there’s anything a little more “natural” in terms of less chemicals – that still works really well?


A: Not really. Some folks like Probe Light, which contains only one chemical (a form of glycol), but it didn’t test well very with our staff. If you’re interested in learning more about lubricants please visit our Learning Center and read, “What’s in My Lube?” a lubricant ingredient listing guide, and if you are wanting full control over your personal lubricant you may even want to think about making your own at home. Find out how in, “Delving into the Realm of DIY Lube.” We also have numerous lube reviews and lube brand and product information there as well for your perusal. Take care!

Q: I read your article on the subject above and proceeded to buy some Caution Wear Grande condoms. What leads you to say they are over 4 inches around?  I have them and see they are even smaller than Magnum XL are. I email  you in peace, but myself and my BF were over the moon excited about these arriving and they are nothing more than regular condoms with the word Grande and Large on the package. What went wrong with what you shared with those of us hoping for a comfortable solution?


A: Our widest condoms are Trojan Magnum Thins and the FC2 internal condom. I took a photo of the nominal width and as pictured above it is over 2″ making the circumference over 4.” Perhaps you and/or your partner are girthier than you thought! We’re very sorry you are disappointed in the product and ask for you to contact Customer Service if you would like to make a return/exchange for the wider condoms mentioned above. Thanks and have a great day!

Q: I was shopping on the condom depot website and wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a new vibrator, the one she has is kind of lame. I noticed that the lelo gigi got good reviews and was even recommended by one of my female friends. Do you know when this item will be back in stock? thanks!


A: Hi there! We are sad to report this product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Boo! LELO is an excellent, body-safe and high quality brand of adult toy and we recommend their wares on the regular. Our sister site has just released their top ten list for the world’s best sex toys of 2015. The Duo Obsessions Lavish by Evolved Novelties is a similar design, material and shape and has vibrated it’s way onto this year’s winners list. Or, you can shop the whole LELO lineup here (they’re all awesome, but we love the IRIS in particular).

Q: What is the expiry date of your Durex Performax Intense?


A: As of today, our bulk pack Durex Performax Intense condoms will expire on 04/2018. However, we cannot guarantee these will be the ones you are shipped, as we receive new condoms directly from the manufacturers on a daily basis. Rest assured though, we are committed to condom freshness. Our dedicated warehouse staff regularly inventories the dates and puts condoms nearing their expiration date (approximately 1 year prior to expiring) in a separate online Clearance Condoms section and do not sell them amongst our other condom samplers, retail boxes or bulk packs.

 Q: First of all. WHAT’S the thinnest condoms available in US retail? And, is the number one complaint, like me, is we cannot feel much? What can I do to get more FEELING to climax?
A: Hello! The thinnest FDA-approved condom on the market is the Okamoto 0.04. Many who lack sensation with regular condoms swear by these. Another thing you might consider is to add a product to the inside of the condom which increases feeling for you, like Liquid V for Men.

Q: I want to use delay sprays but don’t know how to use it. Please suggest with images also the brand and its purchase link in India.

anal-eseA: As of right now, we do not carry any delay sprays. To last longer, we recommend climax control condoms, which come pre-coated with desensitizing lubricants. Our customer favorite is the Durex Performax Intense. If you want to use regular condoms and add a numbing agent, our customers like Anal-Ese the best. Since we are on e-commerce only store, we cannot recommend and have no knowledge of which retail stores near you would carry it. But, we do ship internationally!

Q: Do you have any fda or independent safety reports for Trojan premium pleasure pack condoms thanks

A: Howdy! We only have our own and customers’ experiences with the products, meaning we have no official reports from the FDA or other scientific testing facilities. However, they are fully FDA-approved for use and sale in the USA. If you have encountered a problem with one or more condoms in this pack such as: breakage, an allergic reaction, tampered packaging, etc. you can submit a complaint directly to the FDA and can search their database for other complaints as well. Best of luck!

Q: I found this condom in my husbands personal items. Exp is 02-2017 then the numbers TT4055EZ803. Can you identify when this was made or sold or purchased?
A: As discussed in, “Condom Manufacturers vs. Condom Distributors,” we are not the maker of condoms, we only sell them. We do not have access to this kind of data and we have a strict privacy policy with our customers. In order to find out this information, please contact the brand in question directly by using the information listed in our article linked above. Best wishes!

Q: Hi, I have been your customer for years. I could really appreciate your help. I use snugger fit condoms and my girlfriend gets very irritated with latex condoms. I have looked on your site and search engines for a non-latex snugger fit condom but I haven’t found any. Is sheerlon material any less irritating? Can you point me in the right direction please? You would be a life saver. Thank you
A: Thanks for your patronage and I’m sorry to hear about your condom troubles. Sadly, the snuggest fitting non-latex condom out there is the Durex Real Feel, which has an unstretched circumference measurement of 3.88.” The only other option you have is to try the internally worn FC2 condom, which is non-latex. I can say from personal experience that these work wonderfully, especially when other options lead to condom slippage. Both the Real Feel and the FC2 protect against STI transmission and unwanted pregnancies. Best of luck and take care!
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