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November. It’s a time for giving thanks, watching the leaves change color and… getting answers to your many condom conundrums! Don’t fall for incorrect sex ed info. Uncover the mystifying world of condoms with the power of knowledge by reading our Q from you and A from us in our Reader Questions submitted in November 2015.


Q: I think my partner may be allergic to lube but I require a large sized condom… We have been unable to find a large unlubed condom. Does anyone know where we can find some?


A: Non-lubricated condoms do not come in larger sizes, sadly. You can carefully wash the lube off a larger latex condom and add your own afterwards, but it needs to be condom-safe lube. Try the LifeStyles SKYN Large to see if they may be allergic to latex, not lube.

Q: What if ur the girl getting the condom and ur don’t really know ur bfs size, and also if I get a small bc hes about 4-6 inches (vary unsure guess) what if he gets offended and feels insecure about the “small?”


A: For those who are unsure of their own or their partner’s penis dimensions, it’s best to measure for condom size and then consult our Condom Size Chart. If this is not an option, you can purchase a condom sampler such as our 100 Condom Super Sampler and try a variety of condoms until you find ones that work.

Remember, the length of the condom doesn’t matter as much as the girth (as long as the entire shaft is covered in order to prevent skin-to-skin transmission of HPV and/or HSV) because this is what keeps the condom in place. More often than not, condoms are too long. That is OK. Simply unroll it to the base and proceed with penetration. However, if the width of the condom is too loose it could slip off and if it’s too tight it could cause erectile difficulties or condom breakage.

Q: Hey my penis is 2.4 inches hard do i have to cut the condom in half to fit me? Plz reply thx


A: As discussed in, “Condom Size vs. Penis Size,” condoms are not made with the average erection length in mind. Please refer to, “Q: Condom is too long but it’s the right girth. Is that OK?” for a full explanation of your situation. Please do not cut condoms before using them on your penis. Altering the condom in any way will compromise its level of protection against unwanted pregnancies and/or STIs leaving leave you and your partner(s) at risk.

Q: The condom as a dental dam advice seems sketchy. Spermicidal condoms actually increase risk of HIV infection. The labels actually say so. Many people forget about that and think of condoms as the cure all for STD and the answer to free for all sexual liberation. Someone with poor immune function could swallow spermicide which destroys lactobaccillus by the way and can lead to opportunistic Candida and mycobacterium / mycoplasma infection. Did you get that medically reviewed?


A: Thank you for your concern. We NEVER recommend using a spermicide condom, especially for oral encounters. Spermicide is a coarse detergent which is unhealthy for the body and labeled by the FDA as a substance which can increase the likelihood of contracting HIV. Condoms without spermicide, however, are indeed classified as life saving devices and when used consistently and correctly do reduce the risk of transmitting STIs through skin-to-skin, oral, vaginal or anal contact.

Q: Just looking for recommendations for a better feeling condom. I use the Trojan Bareskin right now which feels pretty good, just curious if anything out there would be better.


A: I’d try out the Durex Natural Feeling, which is the exact same size as the Bareskin. It feels as its name suggests– natural, and it smells better than Trojans. Have fun and stay safe!

Q: when i buy condoms on your website does it show on my credit card? like $7.50 for condoms from condom depot?????? OR IS IT DISCRETE WHAT DOES IT SAY?


A: We value our customers’ privacy and use the utmost discretion. Condom Depot ships under our parent company name, which is Go Live Incorporated. This is what will be listed as a return address on the plain white envelope or brown box you receive in the mail. Your billing statement will also say Go Live, Inc. We appreciate your interest in our business. Have a great day!

Q: I hear a lot nowadays about how much condoms have improved in recent decades. But what if I’m looking for a condom that’s reminiscent of one that would have been available to our grandparents way back in the day? You know, as a novelty!  I’m curious if there any current offerings that compare.


A: Hi there! Going old school, are ya? Nice! I’d recommend the Trojan NaturaLamb condom, which is made from an animal membrane. Super retro. The only problem is, it doesn’t protect against any STIs, (hence the reason we don’t use them much nowadays) only unwanted pregnancies. Here’s a, “History of Condoms,” if you’re interested in learning more!

Q: i have been on the pill for a couple of months now and i had unprotected sex during breakthrough bleeding, the following days i have had a full on period.. What does this mean? am i pregnant? or is there a chance i could be pregnant? this was also my first time


A: Here is what I know about breakthrough bleeding. Also, we have an article called, “Is it Time for a Pregnancy Test?” which may be helpful. Usually a period means no conception has taken place, but only a test or doctor’s visit can determine pregnancy or not.


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