Reader Questions December 2015 Part Deux

Wait, didn’t we just publish a condom Q and A from December 2015? Yup! Now there’s more? Yup!

ask-condom-depotlearnlogotransparentLike a flavor savor wafting the lingering scent of oral sex up into your nose during a blustery winter gust, these reader questions about safer ways to express lust arrived after the fact, melting my icy exterior with the warm fuzzy feeling of helpfulness and trust. Thanks for choosing to ask us, everyone! Now, without further ado, here’s part two!

Q: The width column header in the Condom Size Chart is notated with an asterisk but nowhere is that defined. I also see that the width does not agree with the manufacturer’s data. Might that be the reason for the asterisk? A difference in measuring technique?

A: Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! The width* refers to the nominal width. The missing asterisk belongs to a link explaining this term.

Our customers and staff became so frustrated by the inaccurate, absent, old and hit-or-miss condom sizes provided by the condom manufacturers themselves (most brands list a 52mm nominal width despite being smaller or larger). As condom safety experts, we know fit is essential. To combat this slew of confusing and risky condom misinformation, we had to make our own chart which we update regularly. Taking matters into our own hands, we literally quadruple check our measurements to ensure a precise report of the stock we receive directly from factories around the globe.

Q: I’m nervous about
buying condoms for the first time. Underaged and a girl it’s kinda a scary thing to think about especially living in an area where I know most of the teenagers or they know me or my boyfriend. Any advice on getting over the anxiety?


A: I completely understand your dilemma, as evidenced by my torrid tale of being locked in a truck stop men’s room my first time buying condoms. Rest assured, reducing the risks of sex is worth risking a bit of preparation anxiety. You’re doing the right thing for you and for your bf.

Here are some options:

1) go to a big box retail store late at night or early in the morning and do a self-checkout

2) use cash to get a money order and order them privately and discreetly online (plain box) and have them delivered to you

3) take a deep breath, grab the biggest pack you can find and proudly march to the register as a healthy, self-confident, safer, sex positive, anti-slut shaming individual and say, “Screw you!” to all those folks who are jealous or judgmental about you choosing to stay protected while you screw

Q: Hi, I’m a sex ed blogger and educator. I was wondering if you offer discounts in return for reviews or discounts for educators? Thanks!

A: Hello, fellow safer sex educator and blogger!

Sadly, as of right now we do not offer any kind of, “Will work for condoms,” exchange program. However, you can receive coupons to your inbox through our newsletter or call Customer Service to get our latest coupon codes during business hours. We also offer Clearance Condoms for those on a tight budget.

For non-profit organizations, visit and submit an image of your business license/tax exempt form to register for competitive wholesale pricing on cases, vending and shelf packs of condoms, lubes, safer sex kits and more.

We tip our jimmy hats to your valiant efforts and good deeds in helping to spread the sex ed word! Keep up the hard work and I hope you find everything you are looking for!

Q: How do you plan for a one night stand in terms of condoms? Ideally, I’d want my potential partner to provide his own since he knows himself best, but let’s say he doesn’t, and I DO have some (bc I’m sensible). What are good condoms to keep on hand, or should I keep a variety on me? ALSO, where are good places to store them when you’re on the go? I know wallets and purses are a no-no. 

CARRYCONDOMSFEATUREDA: Really amazing question and props on your willingness and desire to get ready beforehand– nice!

It’s always best to have a few condoms on hand, not just one. This is not only an increased measure of your safety as far as size and fit are concerned, but also in the event of putting one on inside out and needing another, dropping one on the floor, hastily opening the package and damaging the condom, erectile difficulties and for round two in the action, of course!

They can also be used as a dental dam, for blow jobs and a new condom should be used for each orifice if anal and vaginal sex are on the menu. Basically, bring a variety.

Here’s what’s in my secret stash (3 condoms, 1 lube): one Trojan Magnum Thin condom, one FC2 internal condom, one Durex Tropical flavored condom and a 1.02oz bottle of Pjur Original BodyGlide which is about the size of eyedrops.

Here are links to some helpful articles on storing and carrying condoms. Think dry, dark and cool:

  1. Creative Ways to Carry Condoms
  2. Staying Safe While Wearing Less
  3. Q: Does fluorescent light deteriorate condoms?

Q: I am need of flavored condoms, but without a reservoir tip. Please help me find some.

pureecstasyflavor lubes










A: As of right now, there aren’t any available in the US market. It seems like the niche demand is too small to warrant manufacturing. Sorry!

My advice? Go MacGyver by using a non-flavored condom (please see our article about condoms without reservoir tips to see what’s out there) and adding any type of condom-safe, flavored lubricant to it.

For example, pair a Trojan Pure Ecstasy condom (no extreme texture or weird warming lube on this one) with Pomegranate flavored WET Fun Flavors personal lubricant.


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