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As usual, interacting with our readers and customers this month about condoms is a real hoot with lots of safer sex information to boot.

ask-condom-depotlearnlogotransparent-550x110So, welcome, one and all, to the wild world of random condom questions from strangers. Step right up to the absurd, astute and always entertaining and educational realm of condom Q and A. You ask, we answer in this tell-all list of all the essential sex ed you need to learn how-to stay safer!


But before we begin, let’s pause and give three cheers for the readers and staff that made it possible to post this 1,000th article to the Condom Depot Learning Center! Here’s to 1,000 more!

Q: Do condoms stretch? If one had a circumference of 6″ would any of these potentially fit?


A: Yes, all condoms stretch to become larger than their resting state. We only measure the unstretched circumference. The only condom which comes close to a 6″ girth is the FC2 internally worn female condom. It’s an awesome solution for bigger penises and it can be worn during vaginal and/or anal sex (although no condoms are FDA-approved for anal sex).

Your next best bet would be the Trojan Magnum Thin condom which is 4.5″ around right out of the wrapper. Be sure to use plenty of lube to keep the friction on the material to a minimum, since it will be stretched quite far from its unstretched dimensions.

Q: Any other brands besides Trojan that have light bulb shaped condoms (or condoms without reservoir tips)? Thanks for the article!


A: Sadly, Trojan is the only brand out right now who makes FDA-approved condoms without a reservoir tip (nipple end). Thanks for your interest and support!

Q: hey! just wanted to point out the phrasing on your post about NGU is harmful because not all penis-owners are men. maybe altering it to just align this type of infection with the penis and omitting ‘male urethra’ would be better.


A: Thank you very much for your insight and recommendation. While we know and understand there are non male penis owners, it becomes difficult to word every article in a way to cover all of the many possible sexual and gender identities and preferences without becoming distracting to the core information of the STI article. We do not back edit articles from so long ago so we have hopeful confidence that our non male penis owner readers will understand their inclusion in the topic. Thank you again for reaching out to us!

Q: Hey, I’ve been having trouble finding a condom that isn’t too tight and was hoping you could give me some ideas or a nudge in the right direction. My length is a bit over 7″ and my girth is 6 1/2″ at the base. Any help would be appreciated, thank you.


A: Thank you for reaching out with your question! We’ve done several articles on proper condom size selection in our Learning Center including, “5 Best Condoms for Large Penises.” We also list all of the dimensions of the condoms we carry there as well. You’ll probably be most happy using an FC2 internal condom! Good luck with your future fornication!

Q: I performed unprotected oral and now I’m worried. Is there anything I can do the next morning to try and reduce the risk of contracting something? When should I go get tested?


A: Unfortunately, there isn’t any retroactive protection that would help. We always recommend the use of condoms and dental dams for oral. The incubation periods of STIs vary but we recommend getting tested as soon as possible.

Q: Would spermicide and a condom be good for protection? My doctor said I should get spermicide, so I was wondering your opinion about it.


A: NO SPERMICIDE! If your doctor recommended spermicide, I recommend you get a new doctor! Spermicide is a coarse detergent, think powdered kitchen cleaner like Ajax. It tears fissures in the vaginal and anal canals thus opening a person up to an increased risk of contracting something or getting an infection through those fissures. Additionally, spermicide has not been proven or shown to lower sperm count or activity.


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