Reader Questions February 2016

This month we herald in Valentine’s Day with a HEART-y dose of condom Q and A from you, our valued readers and customers.


But wait, isn’t it only the first day of February? Yup. It sure is. A veritable flood of queries from our frisky followers has increased our inbox load three-fold. Have one we have yet to address? Ask us your condom question! Now, get ready for these recent safer sex solutions to unfold with answers from the knowledgeable staff at the Condom Depot Learning Center:

Q: Hi there, I am looking into the sizes of various condoms and am trying to find the right fit for me. I have never really had to buy condoms before. My partner and I have just decided to start having sex and I want out experience to be safe and pleasurable. I am a larger guy, my length is just under 8″, but closer to 7 3/4.” And  my girth is 6 inches on the dot. It would be most helpful if you could recommend a condom for me to test. Thank you.

erection ring size chartA: Since you are a newbie to buying condoms, I’d recommend reading our buying guide for your first time buying condoms.

Your size will be an issue, especially the circumference. The largest girth that’s FDA approved for male latex condoms is 4.5.” The Trojan Magnum BareSkin, Trojan Magnum Thin and Trojan Magnum Ribbed are this width before they are stretched.

Other options include the Trojan NaturaLamb condom which is 5” around but does not protect against STIs/STDs, only against unwanted pregnancies. The FC2 internal condom is worn inside your partner, has a 5.74” circumference and protects against both.

Q: Hi Kara! Thanks so much for getting back to me. Too bad about the discontinuation, but I ended up getting her the lelo iris and it has been working wonderfully for us! My girlfriend loves it and claims that she can climax with ease. It’s also simple and super easy to use during sex! yay! Thanks for your awesome advice and suggestions, You have helped us enjoy better sex, enhanced our relationship, and brought me and my girlfriend closer together!

lelo iris vibratorA: Aww, shucks. It is so touching and meaningful to hear I’ve helped our loyal customers have a better, more fulfilling sex life and heightened levels of romance. I very much appreciate your kind words and am thrilled to hear about your success with the LELO Iris I recommended in, “Reader Questions December 2015!” Take care, enjoy each other and let us know if we can assist you any further in the future! The Lelo Bob and Lelo Billy are also great choices!

Q: What is the strongest condom available in the market? Also it should be able to use with condom-safe lubricants.

lifestyles extra strength condom reviewA: Click to read reviews of Condom Depot’s most popular Extra Strength condoms:

  1. Trustex Extra Strength Flavored Condoms
  2. LifeStyles Extra Strength Condoms
  3. Trustex Extra Strength Condoms

These condoms are all safe to use with silicone and water-based lubricants.

As you can read in,“Q: Are Thinner Condoms More Likely to Break?” the thickness of a condom doesn’t necessarily relate to its safety during sex. Read up on, “Why Do Condoms Break?” to learn the most common reasons behind condom failure, with the #1 culprit being a lack of lubrication.

Q: Since the condom size is important, and since the average size in the US is 4.7″ to 6.3″ it would be great if the manufacturers made smaller product for us statistically average men!

one size condom does not fit all

A: We wholeheartedly agree! Find out why the FDA experiments with sales and condom size caused condom failure rates to rise in, “Condom Size vs. Penis Size.”

Q: What if u can’t get a condom and u really need one? I’m about 7″ long but I want a reliable one. What ones would u suggest?

pulling outA: Having sex without a condom puts you at risk for STIs/STDs and/or unwanted pregnancies so it’s better to wait and be safe than go bareback and be sorry.

You can order them discreetly through our site at We only sell major manufacturers’ condoms so any condom we sell has a long history of FDA certification and testing. Nonetheless, our staff loves and heartily recommends trying Kimono brand condoms in particular. See these rave Kimono condom reviews to find out why.

In 2014, the Condom Depot Learning Center began publishing the length and width measurements of all the condoms we carry in their Condom Size Chart. When you shop for condoms online please remember girth size is extremely important as well as this keeps the condom on. You’re better off with a condom that’s too long than too wide.

Q: Hi, I am very interested in the A-spot, but it seems somewhat difficult to find clear information on its location. When I’m stimulating my girlfriend’s g-spot with my fingers I occasionally go a bit deeper and rub up against a sort of softer, round feeling tissue, this really seems to get her going. I am assuming that this is the a-spot?

The thing is that upon stimulation it seems to sort of move up a bit, just out of reach.

I am very interested in stimulating this area through penetration, but I am a bit on the shorter side (just a hair under 5 ins). I feel as though I am hitting this spot in some positions, and it’s worth noting that I give her plenty of vaginal orgasms, was just wondering if there was any hope in a little guy providing stimulation to the more deep erogenous zones without the aid of toys.

anterior fornix - the a spotA: Ah, the wondrous A-Spot! We have an article dedicated to this gem called, “Hitting the Spot: A-Spot Stimulation.”

You may be hitting it both manually and in certain PIV (penis in vagina) sexual positions but only your girlfriend can let you know. Sometimes stacking pillows can help. I’d recommend following the manual stimulation method near the end of the article so you can have fun while exploring. Just be sure to clean and cut those fingernails or wear gloves!

Also, remember the G-Spot and U-Spot are not as deep and hard to reach and are very sensitive as well. Read up on, “Coital Alignment Technique” for more info!


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