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Pardon me, but did you just say there’s nothing left to learn about condoms and safer sex? Come again? This month’s many intimate reader questions may prompt you to reconsider.

ask-condom-depotlearnlogotransparent-550x110Come on. Settle in, get comfy and put your learning cap on. Then, join us as we march forward towards erotic enlightenment with expert answers to your material issues, condom size complaints, safety and pleasure concerns and much more:

Q: Hello Kara, me and my partner have a really big problem, because of my latex allergy and his large penis. The SKYN king size large non latex condoms are too small. Normally he use my.size condoms wide 69. Know you a condom which is so wide and free of latex? Please help us!

latexlearnA: Hello! You have two large condom options (both non-latex):

  1.  the FC2 female condom, which protects against both fertilization and STI transfer, is worn internally and is the widest FDA-approved condom
  2.  Trojan NaturaLamb condoms are almost as wide as the FC2, but only protect against pregnancy (not STIs/STDs)

Thanks for reading and take care!

Q: I ready and understanding, but my question is do female condoms cause any infection?

BuyNowFC2A: Some studies suggest internally worn condoms can increase the likelihood of urinary tract infections (UTI) for those folks who have a vagina. The external outer ring of non-latex material of the FC2 covers the area around the urethra. If the condom is inserted many hours beforehand it’s difficult to manipulate during multiple bathroom visits. It’s tough to carefully keep the condom intact (no fingernails) while also wiping away waste. Urination before and after sex, as well as good genital/anal region hygiene are always recommended when using FC2 condoms.

Q: Hello, sir I want Trojan Fire & Ice Ecstasy condoms in India. Please. Help me. If you see my sms Give me Reply.

fireandiceecstasyA: We ship internationally! Simply order online from and select India as your shipping address during checkout. They will be billed and will arrive discreetly to your door/mailbox under our company name Go Live LLC. If you would rather order over the phone please call Customer Service at (813) 885-4400 M-F 9AM-4PM EST. 

Q: Want to do a couples photo shoot with penetration. What’s the clearest or least visible condom on the market?

BuyNowTemplateLOVESsensitiveA: The most see-through condom we’ve yet to come across are these new latex (released on 06/2015) condoms called Loves Sensitive. ​They’re made by Trustex brand condoms and got a rarely achieved 4-star staff condom review as seen in, “Condom Review: Trustex Love Sensitive.” Best of luck with your prophylactic penetration pictorial process!

Q: Tools for lesbian pleasure?

manualheaderA: One could say, you’ve already got a whole box in your possession! Not to exclude the importance of extra implements, safety precautions and sexy accessories like vagina-friendly personal lubricants, clitoral arousal gels like Liquid V, flavored latex oral dams, non-porous gloves, etc. because they’re vitally important for reduced risk fun.

But, the feminine form is a work of art and you’ve already got all the goods you need to paint pleasure upon your partner of choice: fingertips, tongue, toes, lips, areola or any anatomical feature you both fancy. Communication is always key. Want tips on fingering and eating out? Read, “Hitting the Spot: A-Spot Stimulation,” and, “Cunnilingus Tips, Tricks and Techniques!”

Q: Can vibrating rings be reused?

CondomDepot-Learn-HI-howtouseavibratingringA: It definitely depends upon the material of the ring, battery life and the manufacturer. Please read the instructions on the one you purchased and see what it states regarding reuse. Always wash thoroughly with sex toy cleaner before and after reusing and only reuse with the same partner. Check out our favorites in, “Best Vibrating Rings!”

Q: I wrote you guys a week ago (via your website’s contact form) asking why my favorite condom the Durex XXLs weren’t in stock, and still haven’t received a reply. I’ve shopped with you guys for many years, after learning of yall through MMA sponsorships. This recent drop of the ball in customer service now comes after my last order was messed up (didn’t send the lube I ordered). That’s twice in a row you guys haven’t treated me like a valued customer, so I’ll likely have to take my business elsewhere even though I really don’t want to (unsure emoticon). Did you all get bought out by someone or something? What happened to CD these past few months?

CondomDepot-Sports-HI-condomdepotsponsorsthepitbullA: We’re very sorry you have not been satisfied with during your last two shopping experiences.

Please check your SPAM folder for a reply to your last email. It stated that Durex brand has discontinued their XXL condom, meaning they have been on order from the factory but since they are not making them anymore we won’t be able to stock them in the future. This is unfortunate since it is one of our larger condoms and a customer favorite as well.

You’ve most likely seen it before, but our Condom Size Chart is helpful when shopping for a new favorite condom. There are also tons of honest condom reviews, news and how-to’s in our free Learning Center if you want more information before buying.

Hopefully the missing lube issue was resolved. If not, please contact Customer Service via (813) 885-4400 with your name and 6-digit Order ID#. We very much appreciate your understanding, patience and your input. Thanks and please take care!

P.S. We have been under the same ownership and management since 1996 and we value your loyalty as a customer!

learningcenterAs always, thanks for reading! Have a condom conundrum we didn’t cover? Aww, don’t cry. Simply submit your condom question to us directly through our Ask a Safer Sexpert contact form or via any our social media pages: tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, BlogHer or Pinterest.

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