Reader Questions March 2016 Part Deux

Need a more thorough condom education? Bone up with our Safer Sexpert’s solutions and suggestions to these common condom issues, problems and concerns!


Q: Kara

A friend asked me this last week…good question.  I’d like to know, also:

“I’m average length; but a bit above average 5.25″ girth.  I’ve NEVER had a condom slip off AND I’m losing my stiffy enough to perform well as soon as the condom goes on; feels like my Peterbuilt is quickly under built; and strangled.  Which brand/size should I wear. I measured as per the chart here–5.25” girth; and, are condoms supposed to be tighter at the base, near the ball sack; to act as a cock ring to retain the erection and lock the thing on?  I”m non retaining!  And, I forgot to take it off after recently and it was still on 30 min later.  I’m new to condoms; do I have a size problem?”


A: Due to his 5.25” circumference, even the largest FDA-approved male latex condom which has a circumference of 4.5” (unstretched), will be too tight for comfort. Only the internally worn, non-latex FC2 female condom would accommodate his width.

Please refer to, “Staying Hard While Wearing a Condom,” for more details on erectile dysfunction due to improper condom fit. Posh wanking can be very helpful with becoming used to wearing condoms, especially for those who are inexperienced with them.

Q1: Hey thanks for the honest reply. Is the 15,000 men penis study for average erect penis length also self reported? It’s hard to believe it is since it stated it eliminated self reported measurements. Also as for the vagina length from entrance to cervix being 4.9inches. Is that aroused or unaroused? Again you have been a big help, and I respect what you are doing. Pretty soon I will be ordering my condoms from here. One last thing I understand you have another website which you sell erotic sex toys. I would like to buy a dildo for my gf. Can you tell me if the dildo width is half of the dildo circumference or is it the diameter meaning you divide by pie from the dildo circumference? Sorry for the big paragraph.


A: As I answered in, “Reader Questions February 2016 Part Deux,” the average vaginal canal is 4.9” BEFORE arousal. Our sister site sells awesome adult toys. The sex toy sizes they list come from the manufacturers and are provided in each products’ description as such:

Length  6″
Made Of  Soft Rubber
Width  1-3/4″ Thick (5″ Around)


Thickness refers to the diameter, around refers to the circumference. Here is a diameter to circumference conversion website for your mathematical convenience.

Q2: Ok to be clear about which survey I was talking about the 15,000 men (supposedly not self reported) The average mean erect penis length is 5.16 inches or 5.21inches (around the same) (also I am assuming erect length is non bone pressed) and for erect mean penis circumference 4.59 inches. If this is true it would explain the blog that is up about ”Penis size vs condom size” . Meaning the average erect circumference of 4.59 in divided by 4 in nominal condom will give it a 14% condom stretch which is within the safe 10% -20% condom stretch. Do you agree with all of the above? If not please educate me, I am always willing to learn

  • 1.6 in condom nominal width small/snug
  • 1.8 in nominal width regular
  • 2 in nominal width large
  • 2.12 nominal width extra large.

This would also mean that according to your chart trojan magnum are actually extra large condoms. Thus proving that male ego is more common in this information age then realized. While Magnum XL does provide more length it doesn’t provide more girth thus making it an incomplete XL condom for those who looking for more room in the girth department as well.


A: The amount a condom can safely stretch has a lot to do with: the thickness of the material, what the material is made from, freshness of the product and the amount and type of lubrication used. In general, you should pick a condom that has a girth size which is slightly smaller than your own. Example: 4″ penis circumference? Get a condom with a 3.8″ circumference.

If you need a condom girth breakdown, it goes like this:

  • 1.75″ nominal width= snugger fit
  • 2″ nominal width= regular fit
  • 2.12″ nominal width= large fit
  • 2.25″ nominal width= extra large fit

To get circumference from nominal width, simply times it by two. Example: 1.75″ (nominal width) x 2 = 3.5″ (circumference).

Q: Everything in the chart is too long and too narrow. Measured earlier and got 7″ along the underside by 4.7″ around but half way up. Tried again limp just now and got 3.5″ along the top and 4″ at the base. I have always been convinced I had a very small penis – what the hell is going on ? And at 45 have never successfully worn a condom. Tried for the first time in over 20 years 2 days ago and got  no sensation at all might as well have just stood there squeezing it myself. At least I didn’t suffer the embarrassment of losing the erection like in previous attempts but they both did a runner when I wanted to take it off! Fair enough the condom was more like a rubber boot which led me here looking for super sensitive condoms but nothing looks like fitting. Imagine getting the girth correct then having 3 to 4 inches of empty condom hanging off the end 😉


A: Girth, not length, is the most important measurement. You don’t need to unroll a condom all of the way, only until it reaches the base of the penis. Extra material at the end isn’t a problem. Condoms are designed to be too long in order to catch ejaculate. Flaccid measurements don’t matter. You’ll want to take your measurements while you have an erection. I’d recommend you look for something in the Extra Large (4.5″ circumference) size range as your dimensions are above average. You’ll find all of the measurements of the condoms we sell in this chart.

Q: Hi. Does the penis have to be at an angle like that or can it be perpendicular to your body when measuring length?


A: Hi! Perpendicular measurement is perfectly acceptable and will also result in an accurate measurement of penis length.

Q: Is it ok to use a large condom even if you have an average size penis?

You should use a condom that fits. Many manufacturers use non-standarized, “large, extra large,” etc. terms in order to create market appeal. Please visit our condom size chart to find a condom that is appropriate for your personal measurements. It may be a larger size works best for you.

Q: Is there a live chat or someone we can talk to about questions and advice on products?


A: Sorry, we do not offer a live chat. Feel free to call Condom Depot’s Customer Service line at (813) 885-4400 M-F 9-4EST, email directly, send a private/anonymous message via our Twitter, tumblr, Facebook social media pages or compose a more specific question and submit an email to the Condom Depot Learning Center via our Ask a Safer Sexpert submission form

Q: can y’all send some condoms so I can pass them out doing a school project on safe sex if not, who can?


A: We’re very sorry, but our distribution contracts with all condom manufacturers prevent us from giving away free samples. Wish we could! Your best bet is to contact a condom brand directly. And remember, there is no such thing as safe sex, only safer sex. Best of luck on your condom hunt!


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