Condom Buying Guides @ The Condom Depot Learning Center

Read adult product buying guides from our staff of Safer Sexperts! The Condom Information and Learning Center has all the information you need to help you find the perfect condom.

Must-Have Hauntingly-Hot Halloween Wares

Heads up, all you Halloween-and-sex-loving folks! It’s back! Ahh, the only time of year when dressing like Catwoman is universally encouraged and getting head can make you rise from the grave.

Silicone Lube and IUDs?

We know that silicone lube is not safe for toys which are not 100% silicone (but have some silicone in them), but what about other devices?

DIY Lube Wrestling

Like trying to pick up a wet watermelon seed, grappling with a lubed-up opponent is an extremely comical challenge, as the sheer viciousness of lube makes it nearly impossible to remain standing.

5 Best Condoms for Large Penises

If you’re expecting Magnum XLs and other Trojan Magnum varieties to dominate this list of the five best condoms for large penises, surprise! Guess what? None of them made the cut!

Five Best Condoms for Geeks

I admit it openly and honestly– I am a giant geek. My dad raised me right on Stars Trek and Wars.

Top 10 Products for Safe Oral Sex

Sure, no one will get pregnant from giving or getting fellatio, but did you know you can still get plenty of STDs from unprotected oral sex?

Why Not to Buy Handmade Sex Toys

In an effort to save money or to own a one-of-a-kind sex toy, people are buying potentially unsafe handmade toys from online artisans.

Selecting Your First Sex Toy

With so many options out there, selecting your first sex toy can be a bit overwhelming.

The Need For Non-Lubricated, Non-Latex Condoms

If you’re like me, you’re allergic to freaking everything. Makes sense that there would be a non-lubricated, non-latex condom option, right? Wrong, there isn’t.

Can I Use Coconut Oil as a Lubricant?

I’m not normally one who falls for all the big health crazes. But I admit, as someone with dry and sensitive skin, I am all about coconut oil lately. I put it in my hair, on my skin, and I’ve even started using it as lube.