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How Are Non-Latex Condoms Made?

Different materials can change the way different types of condoms are produced. However, most methods are very similar to how latex condoms are made.

Q: Why is there powder on my condom?

Q: I opened up a non-lubricated Trojan condom and there was powder on the inside! What the hell is it? Is my condom defective?

Q: It’s my first time receiving anal. HELP!

Q: My boyfriend and I are ready to have sex for the first time. The only thing is, we’re gay and neither one of us know anything about anal beyond what we’ve seen in porn. If I’m on the bottom, what am I expected to do? How can I make sure I’m clean? Is it […]

Q: Can Condoms Expire?

Q: Can condoms expire?

Q: How Do I Ask My Partner To Wear a Condom?

Q: How do I ask my partner to wear a condom? I am nervous about asking my partner to use a condom. We never have before because I am on the pill, but we aren’t exclusive and I don’t know if he’s doing things with other girls, or if they’re clean…

Q: Is my condom too big or too small?

Q: My boyfriend’s endowment is below average in both length and girth. I purchased a variety pack of “snugger fit” condoms but the two different brands we’ve tried cannot roll all the way to the base of his penis and stay there…

What do I do if I’m allergic to latex condoms?

Q: My wife is allergic to latex. How do we have safe sex?

Are Condoms Biodegradable?

Green is more than just a trend. It’s a way of living. Is your carbon footprint getting too caught up in your sex life?

Safer Sex FAQ

Q: Safer sex for transgender women?

Q: Last week, I saw that you covered safe sex for trans men. But what about trans women? What can we do to stay healthy?