Condom Pack Review: Kimono Micro Thin Sheer Variety

Are Kimono’s new Micro Thin Sheer Variety packs of condoms all you need to cause sheer bliss in the bedroom? This reviewer resoundingly reveals the answer is simply, “Yes, yes, yes!”

Condom Pack Review: Durex Pleasure Pack

Ready for an inexpensive, yet pleasure-packed sexual adventure with your lover? I am! Wait, aren’t we all?

Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles Pleasure Collection

Perfect for a weekend getaway or as a sexy gift, the LifeStyles Pleasure Collection is the epitome of convenience.

Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles SKYN Selection

I really couldn’t wait to try out our latest addition to the non-latex line, and I was one eager beaver when I heard that we were getting in the LifeStyles SKYN Selection Pack.

Condom Pack Review: Trojan Magnum Gold Pack

Magnums were mine and my partner’s go-to condom for a long time before we discovered the Trojan NaturaLamb, our favorite condom. For that reason, I was super excited to try the Trojan Magnum Gold Pack. I’d never actually tried a non-original Magnum until cracking open this box!

Condom Pack Review: Trojan Platinum Pack

I’ve already busted my way through Trojan’s Gold Pack, now it’s time to go platinum with the Trojan Platinum Pack!

Condom Pack Review: Trojan Midnight Collection

The Trojan Midnight Collection is the whole package. Seriously. It comes with a double-sided vibrating ring, four condoms, and four samples of lubricant and I found all of them to be just what my partner and I needed.

Condom Pack Review: Trojan Pleasure Pack

When I first brought the Trojan Pleasure Pack home, my partner asked why all of the condoms were the exact same. But the difference, and the pleasure, proved to be in the details. While each of these condoms may look very similar, there are actually some very big differences.

Condom Pack Review: LifeStyles Passion Pack

While I might not be the best tester when it comes to textured condoms, the LifeStyles Passion Pack packed some punch here and there.

Condom Pack Review: Trojan Sensitivity Pack

The Trojan Sensitivity Pack comes with four different condom types: Ultra Thin, Her Pleasure Ecstasy, Ultra-ENZ Comfort, and Thintensity.