Condom Pack Review: Durex Pleasure Pack

Ready for an inexpensive, yet pleasure-packed sexual adventure with your lover? I am! Wait, aren’t we all?

Condom Review: Durex Extra Sensitive

You might not have heard of the Durex Extra Sensitive. It’s not particularly well-known, and against Durex’s menu of prophylactic delights, it kind of blends into the background. There’s nothing super special about it. And yet, there’s a very good reason why this condom is in both our World’s Best Condom Tin and the Durex Sampler.

Condom Review: Durex Real Feel

In Europe, the home of the Durex brand, they’ve had the privilege of having these polyisoprene Durex Real Feel condoms on the market for many years now. Well, guess what? It’s finally here and we couldn’t be more excited to give it a shot!

Condom Review: Durex Tropical

Bust out a coconut shell bra, a grass skirt and a ukelele– because it’s time to dish on the testing I did with the Durex Tropical condoms.

Condom Review: Durex Performax Intense

The Durex Performax Intense boasts a bunch of really neat features including: a heat activated climax control lubricant, ribs, studs, a flared head, a reservoir tip and an easy-on shape. Pair these awesome traits with a pleasant smell and we’ve got a winner. Obviously, this condom has a whole lot to offer!

Condom Review: Durex Avanti Bare Condom

Durex has exceeded expectations by supplying quality condoms for our past condom reviews. So how does the Durex Avanti Bare condom stack up?

Condom Review: Durex Intense Sensations

I recently tried out the Durex Intense Sensations condom and here are my insights into this product. To begin with, let’s talk stats.

Condom Depot Sampler Review: Ultimate Durex Sampler

Want to find out if Durex condoms really are the ultimate? I did too! Curious? Well, don’t just stand there. Come on down and join me for this review of Condom Depot’s exclusive Ultimate Durex Condom Sampler!

Condom Review: Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed

Could I handle a playful ribbing, or was I too sensitive? I took Durex Extra Sensitive Ribbed condoms for a test drive to find out!

Condom Review: Durex Rainbow Colors

**UPDATE: These condoms have been discontinued** Durex knows how to put you and your partner over the rainbow with these assorted colored condoms.