Condom Review: LifeStyles Turbo

My partner and I have combated the lack of sensitivity while wearing a condom problem with plenty of products. But the LifeStyles Turbo is a new and exciting option that does exactly what we want it to.

Condom Review: Lifestyles KYNG Ribbed

The Lifestyles KYNG Ribbed Condom is a 2nd time winner in’s World’s Best Condoms Awards, and features 4 inches of ribs and a unique light bulb shape.

Condom Review: LifeStyles Black Label

The name Black Label brings to mind fancy liquor and a night out an some exclusive club. Not only is the label of this condom black, but the condom itself is also a nice midnight color. Plain latex can sometimes look so, well, icky, and kind of medical, so I’m always down to try out […]