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Condom Review: Condom Depot 100 Condom Super Sampler

If you’ve been looking for the mack daddy of all condom samplers, then please, look no further than Condom Depot’s 100 Condom Super Sample Pack. This mighty sampler pack is full of some of our top name brands, and is great for those in search of the perfect condom or just looking to add a […]

Condom Review: Trojan BareSkin Condom

The Trojan BareSkin condom is a great condom that simulates that natural feel without getting in between you and your lover.

Condom Review: Night Light Glow-in-the-Dark

One of the perks of working in an office full of condoms is that I’ve managed to collect a wide assortment of rubbers. So, in the heat of the moment this past weekend, my partner grabbed, at random, the Night Light Glow In The Dark Condom from the pile and we decided to put it […]

Condom Review: Lifestyles KYNG Ribbed

The Lifestyles KYNG Ribbed Condom is a 2nd time winner in’s World’s Best Condoms Awards, and features 4 inches of ribs and a unique light bulb shape.

Condom Review: Lifestyles KYNG Blue Condoms

I ended up grabbing a sample of the LifeStyles KYNG Blue Condoms unintentionally. I was looking for the KYNG Ribbed that’s featured on Condom Depot’s Worlds Best Condoms List, but I believe I was attracted to the classy package of the KYNG Blue like a naive moth to the flame.  Seriously, this package is classy […]

Condom Review: Impulse Bare Pleasure Condoms

The Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom has been dominant in’s World’s Best Condom List for the last five years.  It touts multiple ridges and studs designed to give your partner the night of their life.