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Condoms don't always have serious business, so The Condom Depot Learning Center's Staff of Safer Sexologists has made a section dedicated to the funny, bizarre, and sometimes weird things that happen around condoms.

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Can a Condom Hold Three Bags of Potatoes?

We love encouraging people to use condoms, and we love it when other people encourage folks to use condoms. But sometimes, we see something that just doesn’t fit right.

Camping With Condoms

Camping with… huh? Why on Earth should condoms be on your list of camping supplies? Well, apart from having super awesome, super safe outdoor sex, condoms are a great survival tool.

Five Best Condoms for Geeks

I admit it openly and honestly– I am a giant geek. My dad raised me right on Stars Trek and Wars.

DIY Erection Rings

Judging by the horrifying events of Singles Week, we all know how big of a fan I am of DIY projects.

Pumpkin Spice Condoms?!

We got back from the weekend to find our inboxes exploding with inquires for a certain condom that made an appearance on Twitter this weekend.

THC Lube Hits the Market

Move over, weed-flavored condoms! Word is, this weed-enriched lubricant will actually get you high. For reals.

Condom Cookbook Combats HIV in Japan

When they aren’t too busy producing the world’s thinnest condoms (and fighting over it), the Japanese are very busy not using condoms.

How To: Have (Safe) Sex Like A Porn Star

On magazine racks all over the world, we’re bombarded with images and ideas for making our love lives look like they’re taking place on the small, XXX-rated screen.

Ten Ways a Condom Won’t Protect You (VIDEO)

Condoms may help prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but did you know they won’t save you from Lord Voldemort?

Cosmo’s Six Silliest Sex Tips And How To Take Them To Eleven

I love reading Cosmo. They sometimes have interesting articles, but a lot of the time, their sex tips from men are way out there.