Inside the Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center

Delve into the minds of the Safer Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center!

The Ten Worst Things You Can Do During Sex

We hear a lot from people who are worried that they pulled a giant faux-pas during sex. “Oh crap, I farted on him!” “I think when I orgasmed, I might have peed a little!” “I can’t believe I queefed!”

How to Tell If They’re Good in Bed

As I talked about in our, “July Questions, Part One” article, I have a problem with the whole, “Do this and you’ll get laid for sure!” sentiment that a lot of men and women’s magazines and websites like to pump out.

Can a Condom Hold Three Bags of Potatoes?

We love encouraging people to use condoms, and we love it when other people encourage folks to use condoms. But sometimes, we see something that just doesn’t fit right.

Peace, Readers, I’m Out

It’s the saddest day ever! I, your humble writer Sam, am leaving the Condom Depot Learning Center to seek out new adventures.

Condom Depot’s Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Before our Safer Sexperts herald in the New Year by making it rain champagne and by causing a scene until the wee hours of 2015, we wanted to take some time out for retrospection, reflection and appreciation before gearing up for the upcoming year.

Public vs. Private School: My Sex Ed Experience

It all started when I was six years old. I went into a public bathroom with my mother and saw her purchase a product from what I now know of is a tampon machine. I made the mistake of asking if I, too, could have a candy bar, and my very, very open mother decided this […]