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Condoms don't always have serious business, so The Condom Depot Learning Center staff of Safer Sexperts has made a section dedicated to the funny, bizarre and sometimes weird things that happen around condoms.

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Cosmo’s Six Silliest Sex Tips And How To Take Them To Eleven

I love reading Cosmo. They sometimes have interesting articles, but a lot of the time, their sex tips from men are way out there.

Top 10 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day| Singles Week Edition

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day alone, you’re actually partaking in a great V-Day tradition. You know, St. Valentine himself was single, too.

Make Your Own Adult Toy | Singles Week at Condom Depot

Happy Thursday, Singles! I made you some presents. I had an idea for an article about making your own adult toys quite a while ago, knowing that I would then have to make them.

Is This Vibrating Massager Spelled with an “IE” or a “Y?”

Tales from My First Day of Writing for Learn.CondomDepot.com

Our Favorite Adult Toys | Singles Week at Condom Depot

Did our previous article about treating your adult toy to a romantic evening really get to you?

Get To Know Your Vulva | Singles Week at Condom Depot

Let’s be honest. When’s the last time you took a real good look at your downstairs? Especially if you have a vulva?

Treat Your Adult Toy To A Romantic Evening |Singles Week at Condom Depot

Welcome to Condom Depot’s Singles Week 2014! As you know, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t have sex, but did you also know that it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have romance?

Condom Depot Announces ‘Singles Week’ at the Condom Information Center

After New Years each year, it seems like you can’t go into a pharmacy or grocery store without seeing red and pink hearts. And quite frankly, for the single among us, it’s pretty gross.

Ten Ways a Condom Won’t Protect You (VIDEO)

Condoms may help prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but did you know they won’t save you from Lord Voldemort?