The Safer Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center Examine Safe Sex in Pop Culture

The Condom Depot Learning Center tackles pop culture as it relates to safer sex!

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Top 10 Safer Sex Scenes in Cinema

We all love safer sex and we all love movies, so what’s not to love about the top ten safer sex scenes in cinema?

Five Worst Sex Positions from Popular Magazines

Sure, when magazine articles claim they’ll reveal the best sex positions, it’s very enticing. Yet a lot of times, they completely miss the mark. Some of them are anatomically impossible or at the very least uncomfortable and impractical for use in real life.

The Five Best TV Sitcom Episodes Involving Condoms

Sadly, it isn’t typical to see condoms in mainstream television shows.

Top 10 Condom Wares on Etsy is a unique international marketplace for handmade and vintage items, but did you know that their shop owners are promoting safer sex in a serious way through sometimes silly but always socially conscious wares? 

Sex, Porn and Masturbation Addiction

The human libido is a force of nature that few can reckon with. So, it’s no surprise that we can take good things, like sex, masturbation and porn and go too far with them, to the point of addiction.

Safer Sex with Body Piercings, Genital Piercings & Braces (NSFW)

While male and female genital piercings are visually exciting and can add increased pleasure to sexual experiences, staying safer when you or your partner have genital piercing(s) poses a unique challenge.

What Constitutes a Micropenis?

Everyone has heard the term micropenis. But what defines a penis as being such, what causes them and how can men with a micropenis have a safer and more satisfying sex life?

Guessing Penis Size: 10 Most Common Mistakes

Did you know that guessing what size a penis is, without actually seeing or feeling it, is nearly impossible?

Want a Negative Response? Try Negging.

What drives a normally rational and stable single female person like myself into a foaming-at-the-mouth, furious and crazy eyed wildebeest? Negging. It’s the worst. Seriously guys, just stop.

Condoms In Fine Art

While you may be familiar with the art of seduction and the Art of Edging, did you know that condoms have been used in the creation of many famous art pieces?