The Safer Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center Examine Safe Sex in Pop Culture

The Condom Depot Learning Center tackles pop culture as it relates to safer sex!

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To Pube or Not to Pube: The Debate

Today, the great pube debate rages on with strong arguments from both sides of the opposition.

Slut Shaming and Other Social Stigmas

In a perfect world, there would be no such thing as slut shaming and all consensual forms of safer sex would be extravagantly celebrated and would be the subject for festive revelry.

Hip Hop Songs: Spearheading the Subject of Safer Sex

As I’ve previously mentioned, I listen to hip hop. A lot of it. I also advocate safer sex. All the time. So, its only natural for me to notice that since the 1980’s, hip hop artists have been the pioneers in discussing safer sex with the public.

Ten Steps to Smarter and Safer Sexting

If you love words and sex as much as I do, eventually you’ll find yourself staying up all night sexting.

Semen: The Other Other White Meat?

We’ve talked about people eating cum-laden Eucharists for spiritual purposes and about cucks slurping up their hot wives’ creampies, but what are the nutritional contents of semen and the benefits and hazards of swallowing male ejaculate? Let’s learn more about this sex act known as spermophagia!

Top 10 Condoms for Hipsters

If you’d be mistaken for a hobo, if it wasn’t for your constant iPhone use, you might be hipster.

Increasing Fireworks in the Bedroom: Multiple Orgasms

To celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July weekend, why not increase the fireworks in your bedroom by having or giving multiple orgasms?

Top Ten Songs about Oral Sex

Sure, sex is now and always has been a super popular theme in artsy types’ various creative endeavors. But oral sex? Now that’s worth singing about. In honor of #OralSexSafetyWeek, check out these songstresses, rappers and singers’ interpretations and lyrical and musical expressions when it comes to going down.

How Obesity Impacts Sex

Struggling against obesity isn’t all about dodging heart attacks and counting calories, it’s also about improving the quality and frequency of your sex life.

20 Quotes about Sex That’ll Give You Dirty Thoughts

Screenwriters, authors, orators and lyricists have the unique gift of being able to express their lustful desires through beautifully strung-together, ladyboner-inducing words and phrases.