The Safer Sexperts at The Condom Depot Learning Center Examine Safe Sex in Pop Culture

The Condom Depot Learning Center tackles pop culture as it relates to safer sex!

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Ten Ways a Condom Won’t Protect You (VIDEO)

Condoms may help prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but did you know they won’t save you from Lord Voldemort?

Cosmo’s Six Silliest Sex Tips And How To Take Them To Eleven

I love reading Cosmo. They sometimes have interesting articles, but a lot of the time, their sex tips from men are way out there.

Can a Condom Hold Three Bags of Potatoes?

We love encouraging people to use condoms, and we love it when other people encourage folks to use condoms. But sometimes, we see something that just doesn’t fit right.

Study: Do Romance Novels Influence Condom Use?

Our friends at io9 recently dug up a study by Northwestern University from 2000 that found that a lack of proper condom use in romance novels was leading to a lack of proper condom use in readers’ lives.

How to Tell If They’re Good in Bed

As I talked about in our, “July Questions, Part One” article, I have a problem with the whole, “Do this and you’ll get laid for sure!” sentiment that a lot of men and women’s magazines and websites like to pump out.